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  1. hmm strange. i just sign in via the acconts link then go through the check out procedure with no errors.i'm using IE8.
  2. 1, well basically your osc page shouldnt be showing until you ad a link to your main joomla page. if you go to www.yourdomain dot com you should see your joomla page. if you go to www.yourdomain dot com / osc_dir/admin then yu should see your osc admin 2, i'm not sure about this one. i'll play around.... i hope so cus its a good idea.
  3. yeah i just completed an order from start to finish. for some reason when you sign in it takes you back to the joomla home page but then if you go into the shop again you can complete the purchase. I cant take any credit for this contrib by the way. if you check back the first post in this thread, thats the guy.
  4. to behonest its a project thats gone a bit stale so i cant remember where it got with it. yes all the osc prods are stored within the joomla DB and yes i'm pretty sure that they share the same user account details. >I was able to go the product pages and 'update' my cart but that was about all. what else do you want to do? i'll have a look ans see if i can switch something on for you to play with.
  5. you can take a look at mine if you like. click on shop to see OSC http:// www . justgrow dot net this site is still in testing mode so feeel free to do whatever you like. i'll take it back offline again 24 hours from now.
  6. Yeah me too. It's such a cool contrib, seems a shame to to just finish it off with a nice and simple install.txt file glad you got it working.
  7. hmm if the DB table doesnt exist that suggest the script hasnt created it. you uploaded your zip file ok no probs?
  8. hmm well this is just a stab in the dark but is sounds like it might be a permission issue. i had a similar problem and to fix it i deleted all the htacess files. however there are security issues with doing so. so perhaps do some research before you do this.
  9. i wish dvanwijk was actually monitoring this forum. he's created such a great contrib but whats the point in not releasing install docs along with the download? unfortunatly i'm not too good with the code side of things but it suggests to me that its looking in the wriong place. see my screen shot where it says 'shop' thats where my josc store is installed. where is your installed?
  10. sorry i wish i could remember more of the install. do these images help at all?
  11. yeah he does that! while your waiting for his site to be back on line i can tell you the installation is pretty easy. first of all... have you got joomla installed? if not you need to do this first as you cannot proceed until you have a workign copy of joomla. then download a copy of the Josc and save it anywhere, on your desk top for example - you dont need to unzip this folder, just leave it zipped up. from there its just a case of installing it like you would any other joomla extension. hopefully by that time his site will be up and running. hope this helps zac
  12. can i just one more thing please.... when i run my import via EP it creates directories in my image dir. my question is this: should the name of these directories be the name of the manufacturer or should the dir's be named after the category for which the belong? currently they are being named as per the categories but i;'m not convinced this is correct, i though they should be named as per the manufacturer, like: images/microsoft not: images/software thanks zac
  13. thanks guys. i did not know this! this maybe part of my problem as i connect to the db via an IP rather than local host. the docs for this addon are excellent! i have read them i promise :-) i just wanted some feedback from the community to see if i could glean any more info. which i have done. thanks for the advice. by the way... great contrib, easy to install, well documented and very user friendly. zac