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    OSC-Sevilla reacted to Dan Cole in Responsive osCommerce - Bootstrap   
    It doesn't do that on my site...you could try downloading the lastest code for checkout_confirmation.php and see if the problem persists or post your code for that page so we can have a look.   If you chose to post the code it might be better if you posted it to your own thread since I don't think this one is for problems of this nature.
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    OSC-Sevilla got a reaction from costelano in url product dont show me   
    this does the trick
    Add to catalog/product_info: LINE 210 or there abouts:
    echo ('<h3><a target="_blank" href="'.($product_info['products_url']). '">' . TEXT_PRODUCT_MANUFCACTURERS_URL . '</a></h3>');?>
    multilanguage - add to includes/languages/english/product_info.php
    define('TEXT_PRODUCT_MANUFCACTURERS_URL', 'Visit manufacturers website?');
    The only issue im having is that the url adds the sites url before - i have tried trim (php) but this is not the solution - any help? -
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    OSC-Sevilla got a reaction from CotswoldEngraver in AJAX Attribute Manager support   
    Sussefully integrated this addon to Ajax attributes!! now i can enter attribute code and store them, save them to templates etc.