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  1. whats the problem?

  2. Hi - yes my client is very slow in updating images and their products. - and yes, im am sure she can send items to greece.

  3. Great - No worries!

  4. The drop down box on "NEW BANNERS" will hsow the languages installed, changing :

    echo 'Español';

    } elseif ($banners['language_id']== 3){

    echo 'English';



    will chance the disply in the listings (just for your convience). -did you get it working????

  5. change espanol to english and english to greek

  6. this is only a superficial bit in the admin part

  7. Line 395 - banner_manager

    echo 'Español';

    } elseif ($banners['language_id']== 3){

    echo 'English';



  8. please post an image

  9. ugh ok i will look - yes i remember it issued 1=english, 3=espanol.. checking now....

  10. the store i am making for a client - its almost finished and ready to go live - per-say

  11. simply go to admin - tools- banner manager -"new banner" -

    at the top in the drop down box should be English & Greek -

    follow this setup and you should be fine - or send me some screen shots to help further

  12. Hi - Iam not sure if i understand you rightly - you do not want the espanol language but will use another - you can see this working on my site - www.formabano.es - change the language and you´ll seee the banner change --- this is what this mod does