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  1. Product(s) added to catalog, but not in a Category (Folder) do not appear in search results by default - Why?
  2. Ok so if you have sepearate tax on shipping it is intended not to be shown in the summary (but included in the total price). And despite adding a descriptions it is inteded that 21% (or whatever) be shown on the product line as shown in the picture above (that has no bearing on the price reflected next to the the product displayed without tax). I am not sure that makes any sense. DO NOT UNDERSTAND THIS (as per what is shown in pics above): 1 x Owen 21% $10.00 Sub-Total: $10.00 ES TAX: $2.10 Zone Rate by Country (Shipping to ES - Sevilla : 2 kg(s)): $10.00 Total: $24.20 Logic: Sub-Total: $10.00 Product ES TAX (21%): $2.10 Zone Rate by Country (Shipping to ES - Sevilla : 2 kg(s)): $10.00 Shipping ES TAX (21%):$2.10 Total:$24.20 CLEAR Sub-Total: $10.00 Zone Rate by Country (Shipping to ES - Sevilla : 2 kg(s)): $10.00 ES TAX (21%):$4.20 Total:$24.20
  3. The issue appears if you setup a different Tax rate for shipping.
  4. Can Anyone check this. checkout_confirmation page. the TAX rate appears in the wrong place or is that me
  5. I have added code for an additional element in banner manager in order captions can be added. HTML TEXT 1: <H3> HTML TEST 2: <p> NOTE: i have added extra an extra column in SQL banners_html_text2, and applied this accordingly. _____________________________________________________________ if ($banner['banners_image'] !== '') { $wrapper_slides .= tep_image(DIR_WS_IMAGES . $banner['banners_image'], '', 1800, 600); if ($banner['banners_html_text'] . $banner['banners_html_text2'] !== '') { $wrapper_slides .= '<div class="carousel-caption">'; if ($banner['banners_html_text'] !== '') { $wrapper_slides .= '<h3>'. $banner['banners_html_text'] . '</h3>'; } if ($banner['banners_html_text2'] !== '') { $wrapper_slides .= '<p>'. $banner['banners_html_text2'] . '</p>'; } $wrapper_slides .= '</div>'; } } else { $wrapper_slides .= '<img class="img-responsive" alt="544x172" src="' . $background . '" />'; $wrapper_slides .= '<div class="carousel-caption">' . $banner['banners_html_text'] . '</div>'; } _____________________________________________ NOTE: The default image size was: $banner['banners_image'], '', 544, 172); I changed this to: 1800, 600 - now i will add a config for this in admin > configuration > images.
  6. OSC-Sevilla

    Contribution: Auto Backup Database

    Solved the issues - I see two tables -"who´s online and sessions"..... Nevermind - thanks all
  7. OSC-Sevilla

    Contribution: Auto Backup Database

    My store is havily modified, The addon is insatalled and working, however. The addon tells me i have 72 tables for backup. My SQL Server says 74. Hence when i restore form backup im missing things. How to edit the addon to catch all...? IE. the backups are not backing everything up. Any ideas??
  8. OSC-Sevilla

    [Contribution] OPI: OsC Product Image Module

    After some successful head scrathing the issue is solved. For reason only known to OSC the copied site, identical contained an issue. This issue was the "Aministation table" in the SQL SERVER. I simply updated this table and all went back to normal!
  9. OSC-Sevilla

    [Contribution] OPI: OsC Product Image Module

    I have two web stores that are identical, both use the smae exact code. For some reason on one of the stores the "NEW DIRECTORY " button has stopped showing.... What would be the cause of this. Everything else is working just fine. Just a pointer would help. Thank you.
  10. OSC-Sevilla

    NEW! Complete Order Editing Tool!

    I am modding order editor to incoporate my lead time addon that shows if the product carries a lead time and how many days, during editing the order the operatoer can change these the specs: this piece of code refers to a checkbox that shows which product(s) have lead times <td class="dataTableContent" valign="top"><input type="checkbox" title="Lead time Active: <?php echo $order->products[$i]['lead_time_days']; ?> DAYS" name="<?php echo "update_products[" . $orders_products_id . "][lead_time]"; ?>" <?php if (ORDER_EDITOR_USE_AJAX == 'true') { ?>onClick="updateProductsField('update', '<?php echo $orders_products_id; ?>', 'products_lead_time', this.checked, this)"<?php } ?> <?php if($order->products[$i]['lead_time']=='1'){ echo "checked=\"true\""; }?>"></td> The problem i am having is the data form the check box enters mySQL as " true " or " false" - is all well and good but i would like it to go in as "1" or "0" If i deactivate AJAX, it goes in as "on".... My db is currently VARCHAR (5). I have googled searched high and low but not found a straight forward solution. All this is carried out on edit_orders.php: // Update orders_products Table $Query = "UPDATE " . TABLE_ORDERS_PRODUCTS . " SET products_model = '" . $products_details['model'] . "', products_name = '" . oe_html_quotes($products_details['name']) . "', products_price = '" . $products_details['price'] . "', final_price = '" . $products_details['final_price'] . "', products_tax = '" . $products_details['tax'] . "', products_quantity = '" . $products_details['qty'] . "', products_lead_time = '" . $products_details['lead_time'] . "', products_lead_time_days = '" . $products_details['lead_time_days'] . "' WHERE orders_id = '" . (int)$oID . "' AND orders_products_id = '$orders_products_id';"; tep_db_query($Query); Any ideas folks??
  11. OSC-Sevilla

    Attribute Product Codes [Contribution]

    BINGO!!!!!! Boom we are back in the game! NIce one!
  12. OSC-Sevilla

    [Contribution] U HTML Emails

    Any Idea how to add UHTML to Admin MAIL.php???
  13. OSC-Sevilla

    Attribute Product Codes [Contribution]

    Does anyone have this working ok with QT-PRO installed?????????????? admin side working ok, storing suffix, showing OK on shopping_cart.php, but not on roder, inovices packing slips, checkout_confirmation.php was working before QT-PRO....
  14. OSC-Sevilla

    ULTIMATE Seo Urls 5 - by FWR Media

    I have the exact same issue!