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  1. stellaplata

    how to allow a paypal method over a certain amount

    Thanks Eddy works Greath Regars you are the best
  2. how to allow a paypal method over a certain amount. Hi, thank you for your support in advance. I'm looking for a way to activate paypal that only shows the option when they buy a certain amount. For example: if the customer buys less than $ 100, the paypal option does not appear or if he buys a larger amount at $ 300, the PayPal option appears. I use version 2.3.4 I thank their support since I can not find the form. regards Michael
  3. Hello i use the addon call "Adjust to Minimum Order Amount V 1.0" Contribution for 2.2 Work fine for my os 2.2 but i try to install some thing like that for the new 2.3 and not work because is a module. I dont understand how works the new 2.3 os, some body have the solution for this please. Thanks