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  1. Hi all...great contribution!!!! My question of the day is if there is a way when you have a long listing of checkboxes or radio buttons, is there a way to split that list in half. In other words have 10 on the left and 10 on the right next to them. I hope I made my self clear and not mixing anyone up as to what I am asking. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  2. Thanks for your replies but yes I am building an on line delivery for a restaurant so it is needed. I found the conrol and turned it on and made some changes. Thanks for all of your help.
  3. Okay here I go again. My problem has to do with the quantity box on the info page. I got it to appear and work without any problem. I have also installed Zappo's Options Type v2 and that went well. My problem now is that when a product has attributes, the quantity box disappears from the product info page and when it has no attributes it's there. Would anyone be able to shed some light? I think the conflict is somewhere in the application_top.php because that's where the 2 contributions meet. Thank you in advance.
  4. dama

    Custom Product Builder

    I did that and that's how I realized that something is not working right. Whether the builder is enabled or not, I only get the what's next box on my left column.
  5. dama

    Custom Product Builder

    No errors at all everything went well. The builder box is in includes/boxes folder. I did use a merge software but not winmerge. I will check everything again. If worse comes to worse I will revert to my backup and do it again. Thanks for all your help!
  6. dama

    Custom Product Builder

    Thanks for your reply. The funny part is that is the first thing that I check and it is there. That is what thru me off. I followed the directions to the T. :(
  7. dama

    Custom Product Builder

    Slight problem here. I've installed this but for some apparent reason I am not seeing the builder infobox, only the what's new infobox is appearing in the left column. This occurs whether the builder is enabled or not. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  8. Sam it worked perfectly. Thanks again!!! :thumbsup:
  9. Sam thanks again on your reply. I will make the change when I get home tonight and I will let u know if it worked. Thanks again for your help.
  10. Sam thanks for your reply. Yes I know that this mod shows the current category name. I was wondering if it could be changed to show the subcategory name instead for the listed products. What I mean I have a category BAKERY with subcategories MUFFINS, CROISSANTS, DANISHES, etc. Instead of having BAKERY on all the titles, I want if possible to have the MUFFINS, CROISSANTS, DANISHES, etc. when clicked on. Hope I made my self clear. Thanks in advance.
  11. Can some one point me in the right direction as to where I would need to go on the product_listing.php to change the title that is being showed in the heading of the box. It's showing the category and I want to know if it's possible to show the subcategory instead. Thanks in advance.
  12. dama

    Attribute Qty Product Info

    Thanks again for your reply and your help.
  13. dama

    Attribute Qty Product Info

    Thanks for your reply. If I give you a link of what I am looking to do would you be able to point me in the correct direction. Again any help would be greatly appreciated. This is what I am trying to do ---> My link
  14. dama

    Attribute Qty Product Info

    This contribution is great. Nice work. One quick question though...is there anyway that the quantity box is added only to a specific attribute and not to all of them? I only the quantity box to go on specific attributes and not on all of them . Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  15. Sam I found a simple addon that doesn't require much change to the code. One more question, and you can answer if you want to because it has nothing to do with your great contribution, but looking around in the forum, you seem to know a lot about this stuff. Is there any way to call a different product_info page for a particular prouduct? And if there is can you please tell me where the funtion is called. I appreciate your help.