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  1. Hey guys. I have a big problem and I really cannot solve it out. I tried talking with different programmers, but none was able to help me out. Can you do it ? Here's the situation: ----------------------------- We have installed about 2 or 3 plugins for the A/N payment. The Paypal plugin works perfectly. The A/N sometimes works, sometimes doesn't (I was told by several programmers that the problem is not the script, because if it was the script then it would NEVER work). They are suggesting that somehow some of the orders are "lost" on the way from A/N. This is happening: 1. some orders hit the admin of our oscommerce store, some don't 2. the orders that hit the admin don't trigger the "emailing script" which happens fast the paypal plugin's case 3. for the orders that DON'T HIT the admin: instead of sending the customer to the success page, he is sent to https://secure.authorize.net/gateway/transact.dll where the client login panel can be seen! 4. all the orders placed hit A/N website and appear as transactions. (but the orders must be shown in the admin as well!!!) ----------------------------- I'll be waiting for all your comments & info. Razvan