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  1. Hello, I have installed and download the CSV file so I get: MUJER,"","","","Agua Fresca de Rosas edt 120ml","","","","","","Agua Fresca de Rosas edt 60ml.jpg","36","","1000","0.00","","2013-07-27 10:16:40","","","Perfumes Mujer","","adolfo-dominguez.png","","ADOLFO DOMINGUEZ","","","","","","","","","","","","","","","","","","","","","","ADOLFO DOMINGUEZ","--ninguno--","Active",EOREOR You can remove all "?
  2. I downloaded the featured.php and if it worked the specials. Thank you.
  3. Hello, I installed featured products but when I post the specials do not come out the catalog, in the box when it comes out.
  4. nachotator

    Espanol.php and english.php not detected.

    Please I need help. Someone can help me?
  5. nachotator

    Espanol.php and english.php not detected.

    If I have it and also the English language but does not work, but only the folders english.php, includes / english if it works. In the menus says "BOX_HEADING_SPECIALS" for example.
  6. nachotator

    Espanol.php and english.php not detected.

    Sorry, no English and use a translator. (I'm from Spain) This is my problem: In my Oscommerce espanol.php and the english.php not detected in the catalog but if it detects such as espanol/index.php. Can you help me?
  7. Hello, I did not detect or oscommerce file english.php espanol.php the catalog or on the menus above what I get for example from "BOX_HEADING_SPECIALS" instead of putting "Specials" and so with each and also the tab Firefox rather than wear the title of the web makes me "TITLE", I tried both Spanish and English and nothing gives me the same. I can do? I looked at the language files in espanol.php and if this the right translation. What could be? Those for Spanish / index.php run smoothly and also others, and also admin.
  8. nachotator

    Error contribution Catalog PDF.

    While testing and re-upload the files in the admin panel now I get this error: I searched Google and found a fix to resolve this error and there is a txt that says you have to make a small change but not where you have to do it, puts it in txt: Anybody know where you have to change it? As I understand it we must change the database but I've never changed so someone can help me?
  9. Hello, I installed the contribution "Catalog PDF" to generate a PDF catalog of my oscommerce, this contribution is http://www.oscommerce.com/community/contributions, 908. After installing it in the admin panel, I click on the link to generate catalog and then the record button and I get this error: Someone knows how to fix it? Thanks.