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  1. Just thought I would let you know that after most of an entire day I finally got this working with my version 2.2. I discovered that the SOAP Exception error everyone was getting was due to the code the person is using to obtain the configuration data from the database. It just doesn't pass along the keys and passwords correctly. The sample code First Data provides does work if you use that instead and plugin your data. Beyond that I also discovered for whomever might need to know that the process_button() function just returns false and instead needs to post the cc details the customer enters back to the confirmation page as hidden fields. You can find this example in the AIM code. If you would like further information please feel free to pm me.
  2. I got it working finally but I had to additionally change this line: 'First Class Mail Int Package' => 'First-Class Mail International Package**' TO 'First Class Mail Int Package' => 'First-Class Mail International Parcel**'
  3. @@FoundSoul What version of the USPS module are you using? I have an old version and I tried to change that setting that to Parcel** and just Parcel but it still does not work for me. I am afraid I need to completely uninstall and reinstall to the newest version. But I have an odd problem, when I try to change the setting in the admin they do not save.
  4. Just in case you ask, I did try to change Package to Parcel but I am not sure if I changed it everywhere it needs to be and from what I had previously should it be "First Class Mail Int Parcel" or "First Class Mail International Parcel"? And so far the rates for priority and express seem a bit high as well.
  5. Anyone get the First Class International rates to work for them? I am getting quite tired of this, this crap happens every single year. And then we scramble around until we find the fix so we don't lose sales.
  6. Fixed everything! Just in case anyone else has this happen, I had to add "$config->update();" to the mailbeez.php file in the admin to get the update to run. You must remove that line after it runs the one time because then all the tables you need will be inserted. Then for some reason my Oscommerce 2.2 version has a messed up function for the add_html so I had to change the email_engine.php file to use add_text function instead, you then need to copy the add_text function from mail.php and copy that into the extended emailMB.php file under common/classes/oscommerce. Since I use class.phpmailer.php I then check subject lines to call the IsHTML(true) function as needed. Feel free to message me directly if you ever need more details about this.
  7. Yes, I do have modifications to use the class.phpmailer.php file so I have a feeling there has to be something in there possibly. It would seem that it is sending both text and html versions together, is there supposed to be a way to send a test for either version?? The odd thing is, I installed the 2.5 from scratch and I didn't see any extra steps to take to get those tables installed. But I will go ahead and recopy the files over and see what happens in regards to the SQL error.
  8. Installed this great module and the two free modules for No Purchase and WinBack but when I tried to run the simulation it gives me the following error and it does not seem to have created this table mentioned in database. 1146 mailbeez_process table does not exist select lock_value, batch_id from mailbeez_process where lock_key='RUN_LOCK_TIMESTAMP' order by lock_id desc Can you tell me how I can get the SQL statements to run without having to uninstall anything? I had a terrible time with getting the emails to appear correctly as the mime setting for only 76 characters breaks everything. Thank you! Also, is it normal to see this above the actual HTML version of the email when sending a test email? eb9d4e61dbfc27e921a0d017fd69cd94 Content-Type: text/plain; charset="UTF-8" Content-Transfer-Encoding: 7bit Dear TestFirstName TestLastName, Thanks for signing up with us. We are suprised you haven't placed an order yet. Since we would like to enhance our service, we would very much like to know if there are any doubts on your side. sincerly yours, ---- your email: ----------- No more emails like this: --=_eb9d4e61dbfc27e921a0d017fd69cd94 Content-Type: text/html; charset="UTF-8" Content-Transfer-Encoding: quoted-printable
  9. My BAD...LOL Looks like I did this to myself when I decided to change the colors. That will teach you to change things and not fully test them out. :)
  10. Why would someone need to reload the page? What version are you using? If you are using 1.5 they have a new button that uses AJAX to reload the shipping and payment methods without reloading the page. This makes a better user experience so that they don't have to see the shipping/payment methods reload with every change in the event they need to change information.
  11. HIGHLY RECOMMEND for 1.5 USERS - That you use actual images instead of the CSS span tags for the buttons on the checkout page, IE7 and up do not show them at all for some reason, at least for me they don't. So if you are working with the latest version 1.5 then compare to 1.4 and change them to use the tep_image_submit instead. Unless someone has fixed all the CSS??
  12. As for the pop ups not being the correct size, you just need to change the width and height in the ajax/javascript on the checkout.php page for those boxes. For example I changed mine for the login to be height: 325 and width:200, it shows up fine in both IE9, 8, & 7 now plus Firefox etc.
  13. I have seen this before and if I remember correctly I believe it is the checkout_process.php page is trying to run the checkout shipping page which causes it to drop the shipping information altogether. In the end I even had to change the filenames.php line to be define('FILENAME_CHECKOUT_SHIPPING', 'checkout.php'); Not sure if this will work for you because its been a long time since I have made all the changes I had get the previous versions of this module working. It is something you could quickly try.
  14. Did you miss this posted fix under the add-on? 1. In the new_address.php, it should be at the top "addNewAddress" not "saveAddress" 2. In the onepage_checkout.php you need to remove the blank return that is at the bottom underneath "success:true" in the saveAddress function Then you will no longer get the error message.
  15. I don't dispute your abandoned cart comment but this module should have the option to not show the discounted rates. The API allows it therefore the web services should SO I hope whoever developed this module will make the modifications. In our case we offer flat rates up to 15 pounds but any more than that we would like the listed rates to show, being that we pay our vendors for shipping and many other fees we like having our discounts on the expedited shipping options. There are additional reasons we would like the listed rates to show instead so it would be really great if this could get integrated before May next year.