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  1. For any having this same issue, I have a simple work-around. I just created a folder on my site called 'CUSTOM ORDERS'. When I strike a deal, I just create a 'product' under my 'CUSTOM ORDERS' category and put in the price. Sort of like an invoice contained within a 'product'. Working for me! Figured I'd share. Pretty simple solution, can't believe it took me a few days to come up with it. We all have our weaknesses. :)
  2. Thanks DunWeb. This looks promising, certainly looking into it!! :)
  3. I'll try to be brief. Had Paypal, got banned (adult material), installed authorize.net, all is right with the world excpet for one thing... I cannot send individual personalized invoices. Here's the current process: 1. Buyer adds items to cart. 2. Buyer checks-out and used authorize.net gateway 3. Payment authorized (hopefully) and buyer returns to site to download products bought That is fine most of the time. Here's my problem... I sometimes work out bulk deals or give my repeat buyers occasional discounts. What I have done in the past is work out the deal with my buyer, send a Paypal invoice (no longer an option), and they pay, and I manually put their items together and send to them (or mail if real paperback). I can no longer do any of this, and I don't think I can send individual invoices from authorize.net. Here's how I think it COULD work, if I just knew how to do it. 1. Customer & I talk, we work out whatever deal we work out. 2. I log into my back-office, create a specific invoice for this specific buyer/deal. 3. Send buyer a link to the created invoice. 4. Buyer pays, authorize.net still utilized for verification and funds transfer. 5. I receive notification that payment made and I send the buyer their items. Is there a contribution or anything that addresses my need? Thanks in advance and my apologies if anything was confusing. Sincerely, Greg
  4. Update. I went through the product_info.php and changed the two instances to 'True'. Now when the images are 'blown-up' I can click anywhere within the enlarged pic and FancyBox will exit. However, clicking outside the box still keep the picture up. Is there another file somewhere that has this hideoncontentclick setting that I need to change... or do I need to do something else? Appreciate your contribution and all the time you've put in to help everyone. Sincerely, Greg.
  5. I've looked at the product_info.php file. There are only two places where hideOnContentClick is there... both are set to false. Are you saying if I set those to 'True', then I won't have the problem I have now? I did some further research... others seem to be saying that the hideOnContentClick setting pretty much deals only when you have some sort of 'clickable' content within the popup. I don't... they are just pics. So again, if I change all to true, then anyone clicking either inside the box or outside the box will cause the popup to close? Greg.
  6. More followup... just to be clear. Check out the example link below (heck, it's probably your page)... http://fancybox.net/example Ok...Going from top row, left to right... 1) Will exit if you click on the pic or anything in the background 2) Will exit only if you click on the pic 3) Will exit only if you click on the pic 2nd Row down going from left to right... All three of these will only exit if you click outside the pic... also obviously clicking the 'X' in any of the pics will exit. I'd like mine set up so it will pretty much exit no matter where you click... either in or outside the box. People like it easy & I think that's easy... don't have to continually find the 'X' to close it out... just click anywhere! :) Therefore I'd like my pages set up to be like pic #1. How do I do this? Again, please treat my like an absolute moron and you can't go wrong or hurt my feelings. Sincerely, Greg.
  7. I'm sorry, but I don't know what you mean by 'check within the head'. Please assume I'm a 100% complete idiot when it comes to this. You will not be far off the mark. Greg.
  8. I just installed FancyBox... had absolutely no issues installing, seems to work exactly as stated. I RARELY get anything installed right the first time, so I'm extremely pleased. :D Anyways, I do have a question. I've looked over all 24 pages of this post and can't find an answer... but I admit I might have missed it since I'm a little bleary-eyed right now. I'd like people to be able to have the FancyBox exit whenever they clicks anywhere... either in the image itself or on the background screen. Right now it seems you have to mouse-click directly on the 'X' to make it go away. I did check the jquery.fancybox file and hideOnContentClick is set to true. Am I missing something? Thanks, Greg.