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  1. i would like to ask if this add-on can be controlled from the admin side of osc or is that a later version?
  2. hi just aquick ask for no border box could you add screenshots please

  3. ciscoeuk

    [Contribution] Availability

    has any one install this on oscmax 2.0.4? if they have could they walk me throuvh the install process, please
  4. i need help with mu OSC site build some to come round to my house and show me????

  5. sorry to say no, i might have to roll back to previous version toand start again
  6. hi all i am manually installing qtpro + add weight, which i may have installed it wrong i using beyond compare have installed it and caused an error, what did i do wrong? Warning: session_start() [function.session-start]: Cannot send session cache limiter - headers already sent (output started at /home/machin12/public_html/cat/admin/includes/filenames.php:73) in /home/machin12/public_html/cat/admin/includes/functions/sessions.php on line 102 Warning: Cannot modify header information - headers already sent by (output started at /home/machin12/public_html/cat/admin/includes/filenames.php:73) in /home/machin12/public_html/cat/admin/includes/functions/general.php on line 22 i have install the following so far please can someone help or point me to a thread with answers thanks all the best
  7. ciscoeuk

    "Dynamenu" for osCommerce

    hi all dynamenu is great thanks please can someone help me with the CSS sheet template for i would like to put the menu in this format, i understand CSS and use dreamweaver the problem i have got i can't get the lines to betwen the boxed to show up as per photo please can someone help with the template layout andd show me how to get started all the best
  8. SAM, A BIG THANKS Next stop dynamenu, eeeeeek! >_< forgot to ask if there status on/off for the infoboxes???
  9. i am a total plonker, reomed it and tryed again, would you believe it, It worked, whos the moron, ME I THINK :rolleyes:
  10. i think i will uninstall and try again!!!! i do have EPF 1.2 installed and sts :blink:
  11. thanks hi sam i just install the addon its caused a few problems, like the admin back does not show the red/green dots and it turned off all may categories front end, the cat links box is screwed up have a look hereon the subject of seeting my self a task well i have that in mind, creating a install osc with all the major addons that are working out of the box i followed the instructions to the letter just left off dm_categories.php for now (not install yet)
  12. i think i have just been told off, lol the problem is i have very little knowledge of php, so i am limmied on how to explain my prolems with the install, that sais i have fix a few minor parse error }, but is you look at my site i keep get index page errors any help would be great i have a list of addons that i require i follow the instructions, and bang not working, for a newbie it gets a little frustrating, but i will cope i decided to roll back and remove this adson, and try somthing else
  13. thanks sam i believe in KISS, too, but just wondering why someone at OSC has not done a complete install of all the major addons, or is that version 3?
  14. sorted one error but other are cropping up there must be a bug in the addon
  15. hi all active - inactive cat addon i have osc 2.2* + sts + extra product fields installed with out a problem! i have followed 1 - 16 in the install instructuions to the letter the extras are to be add as i intem to install dynamenu i got this error zip file download i have zipped all the files please could someone have a look Parse error: syntax error, unexpected '}' in /home/machin12/public_html/cat/index.php on line 344, try removing the }, but causes a t_else error i looked throught the files and can't find the error, i need a set of new eyes to help sort out the faultany and all help would be grateful! my php is limited, thanks