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  1. tormo3

    Search by Price Infobox

    Hi, Does anyone know how to make this? :huh:
  2. Hi. I use UTF-8 for my oscommerce, my DB... All is working fine! so if ajax uses UTF-8 - there should not be such troubles! or am I wrong,
  3. Hi! I have problem with language encoding. My DB is set to UTF-8. If I register through the One Page Checkout, then in DB "customers" I got "B?rzi??" instead of "Bērziņš". but if I register through Create Account.php all is OK! Any help?
  4. Hi! Here is a fix for this bug! In file ../includes/checkout/checkout.js find $('#checkoutButton').click(function() { return checkAllErrors(); }); and replace with function checkPasswords(){ if (!$('input[name="confirmation"]').is(':visible')){ return true; } if(!$('input[name="password"]').val()){ return true; } if ($('input[name="password"]').val().length < 5){ alert("Password minimum length 5 characters"); return false; } if($('input[name="password"]').val()!=$('input[name="confirmation"]').val()){ alert('Passwords are not correct!'); return false; } return true; } $('#checkoutButton').click(function() { if(!checkPasswords()){ return false; } return checkAllErrors(); }); That's all! P.S. Thanks to Wing for this fix.
  5. Hello! there is one problem: password confirmation don't work in "billing address". If I enter the passwords are not identical, the registration is still going on Anyone knows how to fix this problem? P.S. Thanks for this contribution!