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  1. Yeah, but the only problem with that is that ill have to add all the product id´s in that category(100+) manually, which is quite tedious. Isn´t there a way to add special discount for all items in that category?
  2. Well, the only problem is that this function appears to be available only if one is using "Total by Category" as a Discount basis, while I use "total by Item". . .
  3. Thank you so much!!! I finally solved it! Just one more question, is it possible to apply different discount rates for different categories?? For example: category 1: 20% off for 20 items 40% off for 30 items category 2: 10% off for 12 items 20% off for 24 items Is there some kind of way to implement this?
  4. Hello, I am very new to OsCommerce and e-commerce in general. I found your contribution very interesting but I just can´t get it to install. I put the files in the right directories and installed (I made sure the module had a different sort order), but nothing shows up at the product information page. I´m running OSC2.2rc and this is my webpage www.panda.pe Thank you for this great contrib! It was just what i was looking for!