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    IP trap Version 3 released

    Great contribution indeed. Just to get something straight, in the case of Biancoblu, (where she got automatically IP Trapped when all she intends doing is Whitelist herself), - i have a similar story- does it mean she leaves everything as it is since Nic tested it independently?
  2. ogwinilo

    shipping module

    I am trying to install an add on which is for the South African Post Office, which covers all major international destinations. After uploading it through the control panel, I get a fatal error message with the rest of the modules no longer there, except for the flat and per item methods. This is the error message i get: Fatal error: Cannot redeclare class salargeparcel in /home/woiqqwab/public_html/includes/modules/shipping/salargeparcel.php on line 131 Can someone you please help? Felix (South Africa)
  3. ogwinilo

    shipping module

    I wish to quote my clients per weight per country/destination. How do I do this? Please help Many blessings this festive season Felix SA
  4. I have moved files from the template folder into my cpanel through the file manager. But nothing is showing up on my site i.t.o changes. For a brief moment a checkout button showed up but on opening the site again, even it was no longer there. Futhermore, in the template folder, there is a stylesheet file, what am I supposed to do with that and how? Would appreciate a simple, idiot's explanation to these. Many blessings Felix SA