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  1. RyGoTypE

    Header Tags SEO

    I get this error when running headertags_seo_install.php: 1060 - Duplicate column name 'categories_htc_title_tag' ALTER TABLE categories_description ADD categories_htc_title_tag VARCHAR(80) NULL; [TEP STOP]
  2. RyGoTypE

    Ultimate Seo Urls 5 Pro

    just wanted to say, i've been using this addon for about 3 months and can already see a significant difference in sales. thanks for the good work.
  3. Hey guys, Who ever wants to jump on this project would be a life saver. I don't mind the current navigation system that OSC provides by default, but I recently came across an online store that has a killer navigation that I would like to mimic. Their site is here: http://www.bettymills.com/shop/ I am referring to the category navigation on the left side of their site. I would like my OSC store to be able to mimic the exact (or close) navigation system as this website. What their navigation does in a nutshell is: No matter what category you click, it moves it up to the top of all the categories. It bolds the current category and all the subcategories you are currently in, while everything else remains it's normal location and non-bolded font. It lets the user know that HEY! youre in the category, now choose another category within this category. Once you select a category from the parent, its like OK. hey! now choose a sub category! Every time you go into a new category, it hides the rest of the options and only displays what the user clicked. Please go to their site to get a better understanding. I think it functions perfectly and would be a very useful Addon to the entire OSC2 community. thanks in advance -mike
  4. RyGoTypE

    [Contribution] Mindsparx admin

    Hello, I am using OSC 3.0 with your MS 3.0 release for the admin section. While adding new admins, and granting them access to specific sections, the icons on the right stagger downward instead of all aligning to the right on top of each other. I don't know if this is a OSC bug or a MS bug, but I have a screenshot here.
  5. So I have installed this contribution "Ultimate SEO URLs" and I am impressed. I think this is a useful contribution. There is one thing that bothers me about it. Currently, it seems like it removes spaces. I would like spaces to be replaced with dashes (-'s) "-". I do not know how to do this so I was wondering if someone else could take a look at it for me. Examples of current URLs... Current Parent Category URL looks like: domain.com/dvdmovies-c-3.html Current Parent/Child Category URL looks like: domain.com/dvdmoviesaction-c-3_10.html Current Product URL looks like: domain.com/dvd-movies-action-thereplacementkillers-p-4.html What I am looking for... Parent Category URL: domain.com/dvd-movies-c-3.html Parent/Child Category URL: domain.com/dvd-movies-action-c-3_10.html Product URL: domain.com/dvd-movies-action-the-replacement-killers-p-4.html I included all the information about the contribution below. Contribution Ultimate SEO URLs Category: Other URL: http://www.oscommerce.com/community/contributions,2823/download,26127 Version: Ultimate SEO 2-2.2d-5 Date: 2 Oct 2009 Description: