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  1. With my most recent coupon code mtn2011 this module has been failing this week and I don't know why. About half the time when a customer moves on to Pay Pal (or finalises the order to the success page with a manual cheque or bank transfer payment), the discount is not applying and their order total resumes to what it'd be without the coupon. This is happening with all payment modules, cheque, money order, bank transfer and Pay Pal, so I do not believe the problem is with a payment module. Anyone know how this would suddenly stop working half the time? It's driving me and my customers a little nuts and I'd like to solve it.
  2. I have left this since may, I know bumping is not allowed, but it was never answered. Can I ask again, does anyone know what happens?
  3. I was getting them fine yesterday but at one point wasn't receiving payment emails. Now I am getting the payment emails but the site isn't getting IPNs because there isn't an order process email to be seen. Is it just me?
  4. We have issues often with people typing in their state as an abbreviation when the zones in our database have the full word and things like that.. often they skip the error and end up having the first state in the drop down as their state. If you do not use zone based shipping and the rate is flat rate for the country, do you need to have all the states in there? If you don't need them (and therefore the customer would have to write it in), what happens if they get deleted, would it ruin existing addresses?
  5. My Pay Pal page where the IPNs are normally shown with my Devosc module now is blank with just this on it: I have found the page this comes from, it's: includes/modules/payment/paypal/templates/osC_Admin.tpl.php The full code shown there is: Is there a reason this wouldnt work with php5?
  6. SamyT

    Total Paid Radically Less Than Total Due

    Added to this, I just put through a test order myself, all the same items, same sizes, same currency and the correct amount passed through, didn't vary by anything at all.. this makes no sense to me.
  7. I have noticed it occasionally put payments ON HOLD when the customer payment is 1c (or whatever) smaller than the order total but today with an order in Euros the difference was large. The customers order came to: €116.52 The Pay Pal payment came through as: €85.54 Which is barely over the subtotal. It's a big difference - does anyone know how this could happen? The amount of €85.54 does not match any value associated with the sale at all.
  8. I guess the maker of this module no longer visits the forums, his website no longer exists either :mellow:
  9. The module seems to work the same old way.. did Pay Pal not bring in the changes after all?
  10. I was able to follow instruction on how to get my US Server website to display Australian time and I could get every payment method except for Pay Pal to work with this. I think it's the Pay Pal checkout process page that's doing it, but don't know PHP to fix it - here is the code I think is causing the trouble.. The now() needs to be changed to some sort of $aus_date_time thing, but I don't know how to get the code right, does anyone know? Or is it other pages that set the date in the orders table? Right now most orders have Australian date, except for Pay Pal and it is making a mess.
  11. Thanks John - has there been any movement on this? I am really concerned I may not be able to fix my site since the module is so old but totally integrated with changes to many different files.
  12. I'd have thought these changes would be important discussion since so many people use Pay Pal but I am unable to find any threads here - does anyone know where it is being discussed?
  13. I don't think anyone knows yet. I may have to abandon my old devosc module and install a simpler stock standard one? I dont know!
  14. I am not so great at adding modules and I have a devosc Pay Pal module currently, it's certainly not the latest but it works perfectly and I couldn't uninstall and install a new one if i tried because I am lost in the code. Today, Pay Pal sent an email out - I just want to know if these changes are likely to make the module no longer work - can anyone take a guess?
  15. SamyT

    cDynamic Meta Tags

    This contribution cuts my business name off or out almost for every product, is there a fix?