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  1. Simply Hide Products (SHP) v1.0 - November 16, 2009 Written by Pronux Inc. at client's suggestion for osCommerce v2.2 RC2a Released under the GNU General Public License What this contrib does: ========================= English: With this contribution it is possible to hide products and/or categories and make them visible only to specified customers. If a category is marked as hidden, all subcategories and products in the category will also be hidden. German: Mit dieser Erweiterung können Artikel und/oder Kategorien ausgeblendet und nur für bestimmte Kunden sichtbar gemacht werden. Falls eine Kategorie ausgeblendet wurde, sind sämtliche Subkategorien und Artikel darin ebenfalls unsichtbar. The contribution can be found here. Screenshots:
  2. This is the official support thread for the new Tab Menu Section (TMS) and Pronux TMS For Admin contribution. IMPORTANT: Before posting here, please try the following steps to solve your problem: 1. Add following code to see possible errors: BEFORE include DIR_WS_INCLUDES.'TMS/Conf.php'; ADD error_reporting(E_ALL); ini_set("display_errors", 1); 2. Check if the stylesheet.css is correct: Have you added the TMS CSS entries to the right stylesheet.css? There is one for the shop and one for the admin. 3. Upload the the modified and working PHP-files from zip package to your shop and try if it works: Important: backup/rename the original files first 4. Empty your browser cache 5. Post your question or problem here in the forum, if possible add a screenshot of the issue Demo Page: You can test the add-on live at: - http://oscommerce.pronux.ch/product_info.php?products_id=28 - http://tms.pronux.ch
  3. Hi, The only way in my view is to store the selected (active) tab in the $_SESSION. Due to time constraints I can't give you a code example.
  4. last try: foreach($info_box_contents as $row) { foreach($row as $row2) { foreach($row2 as $value) { $TMS->tab[1]['content'] .= $value; } } }
  5. go deeper: foreach($info_box_contents as $row) { foreach($row as $value) { $TMS->tab[1]['content'] .= $value; } }
  6. jep, that's the problem. You have to extract the values in the array foreach($info_box_contents as $value) { $TMS->tab[1]['content'] .= $value; } maybe you have to do 2 foreach.....I don't know how deep $info_box_contents is :-" try try try :thumbsup:
  7. Change: $TMS->tab[1]['content'] .= $info_box_contents; To: $TMS->tab[1]['content'] = print_r($info_box_contents, true); Maybe you have luck and it works... :thumbsup:
  8. Hi, This won't work because it doesn't execute the PHP code, instead it will output the code as text. UUnfortunately, it is not possible at the moment to include and show complete php files in a tab. You can try to put the content "directly" into TMS. What I mean: Look at the code you have posted. REPLACE: new contentBoxLight($info_box_contents); WITH: $TMS->tab[1]['content'] .= $info_box_contents; Maybe you have luck and it works :thumbsup:
  9. Hi, I think this has nothing to do with this addon, since it's up to you which content you show in/under the tabs. Can you please ask this question in the general forum.
  10. Thanks for your detailed answer. We will definitely fix these issues in the next release.
  11. Hi, Thanks for your feedback. Which bugs / non-W3C compliant code do you mean exactly?
  12. @mfactory Upload the demo folder included in TMS to your root directory of the shop (f.e. www.yourshow.com/demo) and look if it works. ->If it doesn't work: I think you have a problem with your PHP configuration or an old version of PHP... ->If it works: Reinstall the TMS add-on in your shop. If it doesn't work, go through the 5 steps mentioned at the beginning of this thread
  13. Hi, Thanks for your feedback. Here's my quick answer: Change the tabs from horizontal to vertical is not easy because you have to change the code which generates the tabs "Hide tabs if no content" will be possible in the next version of TMS, but the release date is not set yet. If you have time to study the code you can do it yourself, should be possible.
  14. "We are a team of 4 professional developers, where can we contribute to osCommerce 3.0?" http://bit.ly/fpFZDT

  15. "We are a team of 4 professional developers, where can we contribute to osCommerce 3.0?" http://bit.ly/fpFZDT

  16. ....you don't have to define a new variable...ok, let me ask you the question in a different way. Your problem with the special characters is not a problem of TMS because it would also show it wrong without using TMS. Please solve this problem before you add the TMS module to your shop.
  17. There is no comment in this picture? Which comment do you mean? Question: What's the content of the variable $öaä? Can you post it here please.
  18. So, you have only added echo($öaä); above TMS and now the text on tab3 in TMS disappeared?!? Instead, with the echo($öaä) it should only show the text of tab3 before (above) TMS. Question: What's the content of $öaä ?
  19. ok, and now with these changes, how does it look like when you call the product page? Please post a screenshot.
  20. Telerik acquired Mallsoft, long-term Sitefinity partner and leading developer of eCommerce technologies: http://bit.ly/ifgNMa

  21. Before TMS starts, make an echo of the content you put on tab2, for example: echo($myContentForTab3); <--- echo of the variable which includes the content of tab 3 (will have a different name in your code) //PRONUX TMS START include DIR_WS_INCLUDES.'TMS/Conf.php'; $TMS->tab[3]['content'] = $myContentForTab3;
  22. What happens if you echo the content outside of TMS?
  23. ok, install this add-on on the site products_info.php without TMS first and then, as soon as it works, put all the stuff into $reviewTabContent and make an echo $reviewTabContent; If the last step works, you can add it to a tab e.g. $TMS->tab[3]['content'] = $reviewTabConten
  24. Hi, Unfortunately I don't know this add-on and how it works. Does it work properly in your shop without TMS? What I mean is: Try to install this add-on without TMS first and then, as soon as it works, put all the stuff into $reviewTabContent and make an echo $reviewTabContent; Only if the last step works, you can add it to a tab e.g. $TMS->tab[3]['content'] = $reviewTabContent; Hope it helps.