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  1. Added a list with all our contributions (Add-Ons) to the "About Me" page on our osCommerce profile site: http://bit.ly/fV9R2k

  2. Just released the final versions of the our two new add-ons "Tab Menu Section (TMS)" and "TMS For Admin" for osCommerce http://bit.ly/fRG3yY

  3. We received a eMail from a user who has a modified osCommerce installation and some problems to install TMS. Our answer: No descriptions problem: At categories.php there are two lines which are loading the content (description) into each tab. Comment out the second line with // and try if it works: $TMS->tab[$tabNo]['content'] = tep_draw_textarea_field('products_description[' . $languages[$i]['id'] . ']', 'soft'....... //$TMS->tab[$tabNo]['content'] = str_ireplace('<textarea ', '<textarea style="width: 100%; height: 100%" ', $TMS->tab[$tabNo]['content']); If it doesn’t work, try this to test if you can load content to the tabs: $TMS->tab[$tabNo]['content'] = ‘this is a short test’; $TMS->tab[$tabNo]['content'] = str_ireplace('<textarea ', '<textarea style="width: 100%; height: 100%" ', $TMS->tab[$tabNo]['content']); Design: To change the width of the tab-menu and the tab height, go to /catalog/admin/includes/TMS/Conf.php and change the following entries: $CONF['totalWidth'] = 650; $CONF['tabPaddingTop'] = 0;
  4. This could have been osCommerce:http://bit.ly/gZ2Bgk Seems that Magento has found the best business model for open source eCommerce software

  5. Just updated our SuisseID Add-on for osCommerce: http://bit.ly/ekDpxk

  6. Just found the youtube channel of @nopCommerce: http://bit.ly/hHn6M5

  7. With this decision, 2011 will no longer be osCommerce vs. Magento or Magento vs.other LAMP-Shop, instead it will be LAMP vs. Microsoft Stack

  8. Just updated our SuisseID Add-on for osCommerce: http://bit.ly/ekDpxk

  9. Absolutely incredible how fast the @nopCommerce-Team is working on the coming 1.9 release, you guys rock!

  10. osCommerce Release v2.3 download link on github: https://github.com/osCommerce/oscommerce2/zipball/master #oscommerce

  11. The first version of our SuisseID-contribution for osCommerce 2.3 is now available for download: http://bit.ly/fC2oy6

  12. Hell has frozen over: osCommerce 2.3 is officially available: http://bit.ly/c7Z1uy

  13. osCommerce Release v2.3 download link on github: https://github.com/osCommerce/oscommerce2/zipball/master #oscommerce

  14. Pronux

    Simply Hide Products (SHP)

    Thanks for the info. I will have a look at it in the next days and give you an update.
  15. Pronux

    Simply Hide Products (SHP)

    Maybe one of this two: http://addons.oscommerce.com/info/5907 http://addons.oscommerce.com/info/2597 I think you have to test them.
  16. Pronux

    Simply Hide Products (SHP)

    It could work, but since SHP alters all categories/products related SQL queries (see /includes/functions/database.php) I don't recommend it, because it could make the SQL-queries in your shop too big. I recommend you to use another contribution which is better for your shop.
  17. Pronux

    Simply Hide Products (SHP)

    I think you are right. SHP stores all hidden articles in $_SESSION['hidden_products']. If you are hiding hundreds of articles it becomes to large for the session variable. Sorry, but I don't see a solution for this problem right now.
  18. Pronux

    Simply Hide Products (SHP)

    but does it work when you hide a small category?
  19. Pronux

    Simply Hide Products (SHP)

    @fernyburn: You've found the right places, but I don't think that this would work. SHP needs the customer_id and from the customer record from (table customers) you can only find the customers_default_address_id in table address_book. If you are very clever, you can go to table orders and lookup the relevant billing_address_format_id. You have to try it. @goodolandy: Thanks for your feedback. You are not the first person who suggests the feature you mentioned (customer groups in combination with SSPC). Unfortunately it's not an easy thing to do. If osCommerce 3.0 will not have built-in this feature, we will develop it. For osCommerce 2.x we think it's too late.
  20. Pronux

    Simply Hide Products (SHP)

    hey fernyburn, go into the file catalog/includes/functions/database.php and REPLACE: if(stristr($query, " where ")) WITH: if(substr($query, 0, 8) == 'describe') { //do not modify query } else if(stristr($query, " where ")) (2 times: near line 53 and near line 93) does it help ?
  21. Pronux

    Simply Hide Products (SHP)

    hi fernyburn Can you post the complete query which fails please (you can do this by placing echo $query; at database.php before //START SHP I know, but we have no time at the moment, sorry.
  22. Pronux

    Simply Hide Products (SHP)

    Hi Zoran I have made a small update on SHP which should solve your described problem: Download SHP 1.4 hope it helps
  23. We have just released a new version of MySQL DB Comparer (MDC) http://addons.oscommerce.com/info/7281