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  1. To everyone: What are the specific features of phplist you want in oscommerce? Open/View Tracking? Click Tracking? Bounce Processing?
  2. MyR

    [Contribution] U HTML Emails

    Did you add a template? I successfully installed this add-on on my heavily-modified store. I currently have these other mods installed: Simple Visitor Newsletter with HTML Support Activation Code Newsletter Unsubscribe Points and Rewards Thanks to Olof Larsson for his hard work! One thing he didn't mention is that many email providers strip certain html and css elements from emails. For example, background images. By the way, there was an error in the forgot password file. $REMOTE_ADDR doesn't work, but that's an easy fix ;] If you want me to install this for you, pm me and we can talk.
  3. MyR


    First off, great contrib and a big THANK YOU Jack for all of your hard work! I know it takes a lot of time to document and maintain add-ons. I experienced the "2006 - MySQL server has gone away" error as mentioned earlier. Then I added admin/backups to the exclusion list and now it's all better ;] Thanks again!
  4. MyR


    I installed the latest package (osCAffiliate v2.8 - including changes) then I signed up as an affiliate for testing purposes and I got this email: 1. "mycigsdirect.com" is not my website! 2. The rest of the email body is broken. I had to track down all the variables and recode the entire email body, but who knows what else could be wrong? Am I the first to notice?
  5. Greetings! Thanks for the great contrib! I posted an updated package (v1.2) including fixes for some minor problems mentioned earlier in this thread (specifically Tristan's problems #1 and #2 and support for Opera). I was not able to reproduce some of the issues like "1) Plural strips the whole word. When I add "s" to the end of any valid term in my shop the search results return an error stating the the fields were blank." so I did not work on those at all. Hope this helps! Peace
  6. I learned this add-on will not replace google's checkout process, so please ignore my earlier post. thanks
  7. Does this work with google checkout?