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  1. interesting, this contribution was the first i found when i searched through them. but it works for me. ok, if that javascript i posted is for pop up image, then i really even don't need it, because i only need the image that appear when i move mouse over the thumbnail which is way better than the pop up image. but where can i find the place where i change how it appear on the screen when i move my mouse over the thumbnail. + i uploaded the full contribution as i found it. here it is, check it out: http://www.failiem.lv/down.php?i=ttupva&n=oscommerce_multi_images.rar ok, i will check out about the table row tags, only interesting thing was i put 4 images, i added row tags and it showed me like there were 3 fields in 2 rows not like 2x2 what i need. +++ is there a chance to somehow make the thumbnail picture to get behind the mouse_over_image because if i have the images in column then the image that is displayed on mouse over is partly going behind the thumbnail image...which is bad.
  2. OK. i got rid of the problem about uploading more images. i didn't put the whole needed code into my files. so this was solved. now i have only one unsolved problem with displaying the images on mouse-over the thumbnail. I'm using the classing one. how can i make the appeared window to appear somewhere more in the center not in the right side? is this done in the thumbnailviewer2.css or i need to edit the javascript code that i integrated into the product_info.php? // Script Source: CodeLifter.com // Copyright 2003 // Do not remove this notice. // SETUPS: // =============================== // Set the horizontal and vertical position for the popup PositionX = 100; PositionY = 100; // Set these value approximately 20 pixels greater than the // size of the largest image to be used (needed for Netscape) defaultWidth = 750; defaultHeight = 750; // Set autoclose true to have the window close automatically // Set autoclose false to allow multiple popup windows var AutoClose = true; // Do not edit below this line... // ================================ if (parseInt(navigator.appVersion.charAt(0))>=4){ var isNN=(navigator.appName=="Netscape")?1:0; var isIE=(navigator.appName.indexOf("Microsoft")!=-1)?1:0;} var optNN='scrollbars=no,width='+defaultWidth+',height='+defaultHeight+',left='+PositionX+',top='+PositionY; var optIE='scrollbars=no,width=150,height=100,left='+PositionX+',top='+PositionY; function popImage(imageURL,imageTitle){ if (isNN){imgWin=window.open('about:blank','',optNN);} if (isIE){imgWin=window.open('about:blank','',optIE);} with (imgWin.document){ writeln('<html><head><title>Loading...</title><style>body{margin:0px;}</style>');writeln('<sc'+'ript>'); writeln('var isNN,isIE;');writeln('if (parseInt(navigator.appVersion.charAt(0))>=4){'); writeln('isNN=(navigator.appName=="Netscape")?1:0;');writeln('isIE=(navigator.appName.indexOf("Microsoft")!=-1)?1:0;}'); writeln('function reSizeToImage(){');writeln('if (isIE){');writeln('window.resizeTo(300,300);'); writeln('width=300-(document.body.clientWidth-document.images[0].width);'); writeln('height=300-(document.body.clientHeight-document.images[0].height);'); writeln('window.resizeTo(width,height);}');writeln('if (isNN){'); writeln('window.innerWidth=document.images["George"].width;');writeln('window.innerHeight=document.images["George"].height;}}'); writeln('function doTitle(){document.title="'+imageTitle+'";}');writeln('</sc'+'ript>'); if (!AutoClose) writeln('</head><body bgcolor=000000 scroll="no" onload="reSizeToImage();doTitle();self.focus()">') else writeln('</head><body bgcolor=000000 scroll="no" onload="reSizeToImage();doTitle();self.focus()" onblur="self.close()">'); writeln('<img name="George" src='+imageURL+' style="display:block"></body></html>'); close(); }} </script> + instead of having the thumbnails displayed in a row i would like to have them in a column, do i chage these <div> tags to <tr><td></td></tr> so it makes a column or what? if ($product_info['product_image_3'] != "") { echo '<td>'; echo '<div style="text-align:center;">'; echo '<a class="thumbnail3" href=" '. tep_href_link(DIR_WS_IMAGES . $product_info['product_image_3']) .' ">'.'<span><img src="' . tep_href_link(DIR_WS_IMAGES . $product_info['product_image_3']) . '" /><br>' . TEXT_IMAGE_MOUSOVER .'</span>' . tep_image(DIR_WS_IMAGES . $product_info['product_image_3'], $product_info['products_name'], SMALL_IMAGE_WIDTH, SMALL_IMAGE_HEIGHT, 'hspace="5" vspace="5"') . '</a>'; echo '<br>'; ?> <a href="javascript:popImage('<?php echo tep_href_link(DIR_WS_IMAGES . $product_info['product_image_3']) ;?>','<?php echo TEXT_IMAGE_POPUP ?>')"><?php echo TEXT_CLICK_TO_ENLARGE ?></a> would be very appreciated if you would point me the direction where to look at. i've tried different things but can't really find my way to get it done.
  3. hey guys! are there really no one who could enlighten me?
  4. Hi! i put this contribution in my code but i don't see how to upload images there also didn't find any information how to do that? i checked through admin panel using adding new product but it allows me only to add only one image. how can i add up to 4? + how can make that when i point my mouse over the thumbnail - the image is shown in the center of the page not on the right side..tried changing CSS, nothing much happens. i think it should be done in javascript, but i can't find where exactly. tnx in advance. AG
  5. I have completely the same problem. added new language and as i switch to another language it shows me blank page and that's it! tried deleting cookies, didn't help me! any possible solution? let me know please.