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    Recover Cart Sales

    Ok. Ifound somewhere else: With regard to the code that i had to change to get my Recovery Sales Cart tool to work i found it in a post on 24 August 2009: in /admin/includes/classes/table_block.php change the following line CODE if (isset($contents[$i][$x]['text']) && tep_not_null(isset($contents[$i][$x]['text']))) { to CODE if (isset($contents[$i][$x]['text']) && isset($contents[$i][$x]['text'])) { It still looks not good, but it works now.
  2. shaberstroh

    Recover Cart Sales

    Hi, I installed the contribution (2.30a with all fixes), and I think, I followed the instructions carefully and completely. I prepared the customers_basket table, so I have only one open cart for testing. The problem is: The Recover cart sales Tool doesn't report any open cart. So i debugged and found out: $rcs->processSearch() returns correctly the customer_id with the open cart $rcs->getInfoBox() returns nothing, so nothing is shown. The reason is: getInfoBox calls $box->infoBox($this->infoBoxHeading, $this->infoBoxContents) $this->infoBoxHeading is empty $this->infoBoxContents contains the correct cart data Anyone with a solution? Yours Stefan