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  1. abeoadmin

    Passing language to Paypal (Standard & Expres)

    i suppose that they consider geo-location of their visitors. hopefully this will cause me minimal pain. thanks
  2. abeoadmin

    PayPal Payments Pro (US) - "Security header is not valid"

    switch to 'authorization' from 'sale' then you can simply void the payment through paypal admin
  3. Are there any contributions which will pass the language code across to the paypal landing page for Standard, Express or both? If not, are there any paypal modules which will handle this (direct, IPN)? thanks
  4. abeoadmin

    Ultimate Seo Urls 5 Pro

    I just got a new machine and I am going to set up a test environment so that I can help you perfect this contrib. What is the difficulty level of creating a functional environment for testing? Do you have any suggested packages or guides for implementation?
  5. abeoadmin

    Ultimate Seo Urls 5 Pro

    Rob, I have been monitoring this thread with much enthusiasm. I am currently adding 3 additional languages to my site and am hoping to get the various versions indexed separately. Testing would interest me but my version of OSC is highly modified. This Pro version will be my first rewrite mod so hopefully it goes well when the contrib is ready. Also, I can attempt to install this on my store if it will aid your testing process. thanks, Dustin
  6. abeoadmin

    Quantity Price Breaks

    unbelievable! worked immediately with no mods, i cant believe it.
  7. abeoadmin

    USPS email hook returning error in XML

    I was trying to install 4.0.whatever and got badly stuck. Only thing I could do was remove all traces of the mod. This entailed all files and file changes. I left changes to general.php, as they had no bearing on anything and i figured just leave it alone. IMPORTANT - I think a key to the fix was getting all the database entries out. In the configuration table using myPHPadmin or however, delete anything that references USPS or any of the shipping types (priority, express, etc.) If any of the rows contain a reference to multiinput, i suggest deletion. Note - all the rows s/b grouped somewhat closely towards the end of the table relative to what has been installed since. Next thing once I was sure the mod was GONE, was to install http://addons.oscommerce.com/info/5935 I went straight to production, already haven been approved by USPS and voila. You get Priority, Express and Parcel with domestic and international insurance. It does not have some of the advanced features you may have been looking for but it is what it is, and is fine for me. Any further questions i will try to address, I know many are having this problem.