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  1. oh boy... i'm too stupid to ignore that step. Right now everything is working for me, bravo celextel, you are my hero. May i kiss you??? lol i mean million thank you for your great jobs celextel
  2. hi celextel, i really aprecited your contributions, thank you very much. I've been trying to install this addons to my live webstore. http://www.harcomas I'm using oscommerce 2.2. When i loggin to my admin page i got an error 1146 - Table 'xxxxx_xxx.phpids_intrusions' doesn't exist select id, ip, name, impact, value, page, created from phpids_intrusions order by id what should i do? I felt i was run according to the instructions but i got error, should i restart my brain?? needed your advice celextel.. thanks