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  1. I'm also interested in finding something like this. I've found this contribution,22 but it is not like that website.., the contribution above only updates when you click off the page or press enter., and it only applies to the shopping_cart.php page..not the product_info.php page. All it is is a javascript but i don't write javascript so i wouldn't know how to do it... javascript writers?! helllllllllp!!! that would be a pretty sweet contribution..
  2. Im have uploaded this contribution and it is working fine, but now i have another problem..please go to my site for reference: Do you see where I have my first category "PACKAGE DEALS" and my second category "CREATE WEDDING"? usually when your editing a heading like that you would go to the catalog/includes/languages/english.php file , find the text you want to replace, and replace it. I like to use a custom image for this text... but now that I have installed the "More Categories" contrib there is no option for this... Can someone please explain how I can change the "PACKAGE DEALS" and "CREATE WEDDING" text into images and where to do it? Thanks :lol: , Justin
  3. Have you got it to work yet by any chance?? I'm going to test this thing out.. because reallly i have no other options :D This is the closest thing that I've seen for what I am trying to accomplish.. and i've posted up questions in the forum buy yeaa right like somone is going to want to help design something like that :lol: Well, I hope this works Mark! I will keep you all posted
  4. I'm trying to turn this: (website) Into this: (image) ___________________________________________________________________________________________ 1. I want to make the big "blue square bullets" appear next to each of the category types and I want to make the category types color# black and font size 11, bold 2. Whenever category is clicked, I want to have sub categories popup with smaller "blue square bullets" with a white table and darker blue border. I would like the sub categories to be color# blue, and be font size 9. 3. I would like to take out the number of products shown in each category also.. example: ACCENTS DECOR (3). ___________________________________________________________________________________________ Ok, Now my first guess is that I would be adding some special code to the /includes/boxes/categories.php file, and then going in the style sheet and doing all of my other stuff to edit only that particular categories box. Am I right or completely wrong? :D Does anyone have any tips for me or can show me some sort of advanced tutorial? Thanks everyone for you help!