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  1. New to OSCommerce and PHP but trying to add shipping zones for 48 states and DC to each individual product. So far, on local test site, have added Multi_Vendor_Shipping with Individual Shipping Module and EZ Populate in an effort to do this but I don't see where I'm making headway. I still have some errors but I don't see anywhere in the admin where there is going to be any place to add shipping product by product, state by state. Is this even possible with these contributions or any others? I have a spreadsheet with all my products and shipping to each state. Would it be easier for me to try to add this as a table in my database keyed to the product ID and pull out the shipping that way? Could someone with more experience with these contributions give me their opinion please?
  2. stillgreen

    Integration Multi vendor and Multi zones shipping

    Wow! No help since May, huh? I was just thinking about trying this combination of contributions to solve my shipping problems. Think I'll back off that idea :)
  3. Second (or third or wherever we're at) that emotion! Template Monster is a waste of money! I'm new to Oscommerce and not a php coder so I thought purchasing a template that I kind of liked would be a "short cut" to the end result. Was so wrong! Cannot add any important contributions like SEO Urls or Featured Products or basically, anything, without breaking the shop! I'm much worse off that if I'd started from scratch and I'm still out the money! Raise your voices and let Template Moster know that their templates should work as STS or BTS templates! Personally, I'm going to post about it every where I can, blog about it and let everyone who ever asks me know what I think!