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  1. I just wanted to take some time out for an extra thank you to George, who I do feel went above and beyond with my silly questions. I am nearing completion of my new site and actually enjoying changing the way everything looks . And the individual page profile option is pretty cool. If you are hesitating, it is well worth the purchase price, especially the patient support :)
  2. accolade

    Easy Admin Group - Login Issues

    @@codoffer - Thank you so much for this fix, it is appreciated. It seems to be working fine now! I do think this is a much needed addition, and something that should be included in the core. :)
  3. accolade

    Easy Admin Group - Login Issues

    I did email the author just after I posted here, and haven't yet heard anything. Looks like we are on our own! Veego, I think that it is the contrib, not you.
  4. accolade

    Easy Admin Group - Login Issues

    I have the same problem, (chrome and IE) I'd be very interested if anyone has discovered what the problem is!
  5. Having decided to finally update a very old OS store, I decided on the mini system because I did not want to revert to hacking into a template in order to make it more unique. I was also very loathe to purchase a template from some of the companies I have seen, particularly those who didn't have any thorough contact details or payment info. The installation was straightforward and the instructions for it easy to follow, and everything worked first time. The system is well written and intuitive. There are so many different ways in which to change things that I asked for help, and the response was quick, friendly, and helpful. I'm still playing around to try to come up with the 'perfect look', happy in the knowledge that should I need a little extra help, the support system is there.
  6. accolade

    Header Tags SEO

    Update - I redid everything in the admin/categories.php file and it seems to now be fixed. I obviously missed something along the way. (Although the products attributes add-on now doesn't show up - so that may have been what caused the clash)
  7. accolade

    Header Tags SEO

    Sorry if this has been answered elsewhere, I can't find anything using the search function. I installed Header Tags SEO 3.1.7 about 6 weeks ago, all seemed fine. However, I did not notice until today that my product quantity box is missing (in the amend/add new product section), so I can't update quantities or actually add a new product now as it defaults to 0 in stock. Any idea what I may have done wrong or where I need to look? Thanks alot!