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  1. matheussousuke

    Multi images extra contribution

    I'm using it, and it works like a charm, you guys should check the contrib again, because he updated it with the errors fix. So, there is one thing that I need, and I'm not finding a way to make, I even installed categories folders contribution, but it does not work. the thing is: I need a way to separate folders by name. For example: if I insert a product with the name "Nokia N95", inside Mobile category, it has to make a folder called "Nokia N95" for the images, so images/mobile/Nokia N95, BUT, it does not do that, it put all the images in the images_extra folder, and the main image gets on the category folder. How can I do that, I'm going to rent the system, and I need a way to overwritte that problem as soon as possible, please help me... I need that because, err, u know, if all the images are put on a single category, so, a older product image would be changed by a newer one if I put a picture with the same name.
  2. matheussousuke


    Yeah, that is it, but... In my case, I'm using tinyMCE, and I got the trouble with the image links, how do fix that in tinyMCE?
  3. matheussousuke

    Broken image link using FCKeditor in mail.php

    hOW DID U FIX THE TROUBLE OF EMAIL IMAGES? thanks :thumbsup: