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  1. Hello, I'm kind of new to OsCommerce, but I had a strange thing happen, I installed a template and everything seems to be working fine (A few modifications needed to be done as the template i believe was made for PHP 4 and I only have PHP 5 on the server. Seems that on the main page, where "New Products For Month" show up, The Add to Cart, and Details links show up on top of the product's picture. I'm not sure how to fix this myself, but can anyone help me out. Here is a link to my cart so you can se what i mean... http://www.poorgirlscantoo.com/store/
  2. Hello, I am a newbe when it comes to templates, and to oscommerce. I just installed my site and started setting it up, But i coem up with a problem. On the main page, it seems that the Add to Cart, and Details links are showing up On top of the product images. http://www.poorgirlscantoo.com/store/ Here is the link to the store so you can see what is happening. The template uses .gif file for the add to cart link. Im very new at this so i have no idea what the first thing i should look at is. I will tell you that I am running linux for the host OS with PHP 5 Can anyone please provide me with some help on this, and perhaps if someone has the time to look at my code and tell me what the issue might be. Thank you very much for taking the time to review this.