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  1. gameznet

    eparcel (Australia) backend system

    hello, did this ever eventuate?
  2. gameznet

    New Australia Post API Modules

    Hello, I have just installed this module in http://shoponline.petcitywa.com.au it is actually oscmax however works.. the Australia Post Signed With Insurance is not showing any amount for insurance.. when testing with various items the shipping prices are always the same no matter what items are in the cart. Accept when the contents is over 22kg. (which is set as the maximum shipped weight) when there are more items than 22kg I thought it would split the additional items into 2 or more packages and charge additional handling but instead it just displays nothing at all for shipping at the checkout.. Is this module still contacting and communicating with the australia post API correctly and is it all still supported, relevent and up to date?
  3. gameznet

    EZier New Fields

    Hello, I have gone over the entire forum looking for an answer to my question and have found it mentioned a couple of times but not really addressed. I have the ez fields contribution installed and working fine accept for one problem that is preventing me from having it live, so for now it works but is commented out in the related files. The problem is that after entering the FULL retail price for all my products we discovered that it is adding the tax % to the dollar amounts from the product_retail_price and over inflating the retail price on the website. retailers in Australia can get into a lot of trouble for misreporting normal retail prices or over exagerating sales savings so we cant use it like that. We also have several retail stores which generally do sell our products at the RRP so we need the RRP shown on the site to be acurate to our retail stores pricing and our "buy online Price" to have a lower price for our sites members. So my question is how can I make ez fields use the actual figure from the product_retail_price field without it re-calculating and adding the tax on top of the product_retail_price.
  4. gameznet

    RSS Feed contribution support thread

    I now have this great mod working well, even the unwanted charactors but theres one major issue for me that I need to sort out and that is the Top and Sub Catagories issue. I see this has been asked about here several times but nobody has addressed it and I think its important. - Top Category feeds not displaying when Top category has sub-categories (sub-categories show fine). Example: Category 1 ===> displays fine Category 2 ===> DOESN'T DISPLAY L Sub-Category 1 ===> displays fine L Sub-Category 2 ===> displays fine Category 3 ===> displays fine Category 4 ===> DOESN'T DISPLAY L Sub-Category 1 ===> displays fine L Sub-Category 2 ===> displays fine Does anybody know how to fix this as its each of the Top Catagories that I want the feeds from NOT the sub catagories?
  5. gameznet

    RSS Feed contribution support thread

    Thanks man, after comparing your code to mine I was able to fix my issue with the unwanted charactors! now just need to fix the issue of top catagories not showing and I'll be happy.. Sorry cant help with your problem.
  6. gameznet

    RSS Feed contribution support thread

    This issue does not seem to be sorted yet? I cannot understand how a mod can exist for so long and have so many changes and yet a major problem with the output is being left unadressed. The feed is useless if its full of &nbps; Is anyone working on it or have a solution?
  7. Is this contrib still being developed/supported? I have just installed it but there seems to be several issues. when adding a new supplier via Admin -> Supplier Admin -> Suppliers it seems to be mixed up with info from the manufactures tables. When I check the suppliers table in phpmyadmin I see it has the correct info but the suppliersadmin.php is not displaying the correct info Eg: it is not sshowing the new suppliers ID, (all suppliers show an id of 0 despite setting them as somthing other) and it seems to be getting some information from an existing manufacture such as displaying a manufactures URL for the ID number rather than a new url that I try and add, So it is getting the given ID and information from the manufactures tables not the suppliers_info table. Do I need to do a "find and replace" of "manufactures" to "suppliers" in the suppliersadmin.php or somthing similar?
  8. edited this out sorry posted in wrong place...