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  1. AntoniusFM

    Article Manager v1.0

    Hi jack, thanks for your response, however i do use the TinyMCE Anywhere contribution. I am sure i am overlooking something very simple, since the main TinyMCE functionality seems to work, where would i need to start looking ?
  2. AntoniusFM

    Article Manager v1.0

    Hi there, I just finished installing this great contribution (V 1.57_5). It all seems to work well, but for some reason i can't get TinyMCE to work properly with this Contribution. The TinyMCE installation works OK, because if i use it to send an email it works fine. The problem is the TinyMCE enabled text fields, for some reason the entered text isn't saved to the DB. If i switch of the the (HTML) TinyMCE editor, the text is saved. When i enable the debug flag for TinyMCE, it will show me the following errors when i go to the article manager (Topics the same problem), which is obviously causing my problem; Error: Could not find element by id or name: topics_description[1] Error: Could not find element by id or name: articles_description[1]These are the the text areas defined in the admin/articles.php, and not recognized (found ?) by TinyMCE, has anybody a idea what can cause this ? I haven't touched the admin/includes/javascript/tiny_mce/general.php which is using the below initialization parameters; mode : "exact", elements: "<?php echo $mce_str ?>",