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    Hi Jack, I have previously installed your SEO Header Tags 3.1.1 for RC2. I have now tried to install 3.1.8 but its not clear how to move from 3.1.1 as the file to update the database terminates as it thinks that Header Tags is already installed. I guess if I go ahead and copy the files to my site its going to break it. I have a fully moded backup waiting to be installed. Also I tried to use the header_tags_seo_convert.php but it finds no headr=er file. My site has worked freat with 3.1.1 but now I need the extra features of 3.1.8. whats the process to move from 3.1.1? I dont want to mess up the database. I have only just joined the forum so if I have rambled on too much I will stop right now ...