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  1. dickie

    Customers extra fields

    I have installed this contribution and so far it has been easy and simple to understand, however, as soon as I get to point 13 of the install I hit a problem. When I enter the code: <!-- // BOF Customers extra fields --> <?php echo tep_get_extra_fields($customer_id,$languages_id);?> <!-- // EOF Customers extra fields --> It wipes the remainder of the screeen from the point of entry! I.e. If I install the code after the CATEGORY_OPTIONS snippet, then everything below this is wiped. The same applies if it is entered at another point on the page. I have installed it twice now and the error still crops up at the same point in the installation process?? The options show up in my Admin Area and Customer Edit area and update fine if they are changed....??? Please help
  2. dickie

    Information Pages Unlimited v1.0

    Does anybody know how to implement PHP information into the page description to call on some functions of the website?
  3. dickie


    I had this problem when I installed the contribution a while back. Unfortunatly I am unsure how I rectified the problem (sorry I know it won't help). I know the bare basics of PHP, but I can first remember when I installed it and overcame the issue by setting changing settings and turning others off within the admin panel. I know it is a limited answer but by pulling up the payment page in one tab or browser and your admin in another tab or browser and fiddle about with the settings one by one and keep refreshing the payment page. It was maybe resolved by editing some code required for the PayPal IPN module that I used, but cannot be sure?
  4. dickie

    RMA Returns error for 2.2 MS2

    Found the problem was with the order status. An RMA number will not be made if the customer has not completed the order. The page will just appear blank!
  5. dickie

    Article Manager v1.0

    I have just installed the contribution, which will become a great feature of the site once it has been implemented and merged properly. My website can be found at www.aircrewstore.co.uk and the problem can be visibly seen at www.aircrewstore.co.uk/articles.php The header and the left side have been distorted, but only the new pages provided through this installation. I am not really great at coding but I have an idea and have been learning 'along the way'. But I have searched through the files and cannot find the answer - please can anyone help?? On top of that; on some of the included files the footer is missing - even though the code is their to call it! Richard
  6. dickie

    RMA Returns error for 2.2 MS2

    I am having trouble with the 2.6 Version. The problem arises from the customer side when a return is requested. Similar to the above post when a customer completes the return request and clicks submit, a blank page is produced. No RMA number is produced (as a customer). If I do it through the Admin side (on the invoice) I can produce an RMA number no problem. Im afraid im not an expert in coding and lack the knowledge to rectify the issue. If anybody can help in any way I would be grateful Dickie
  7. dickie


    After searching this Forum for hours and days for a solution to my PayPal IPN issue with the points and rewards module I have not got any further and cannot find any answers! I have worked out the following: 1. That PayPal IPN does not at present accept negative values, such as discount coupons or redeemed points in this module 2. That the only solution (that I can think of) is for any available person with the skills required to change any code that would see the Points Redeemed taken before the SUB TOTAL CURRENT PROBLEM: Products x 2: £7.60 Sub-Total: £7.60 <- This is the TOTAL sent to PayPal Points Redeemed: -£5.00 Flat Rate (Best Way): £1.00 Total: £3.60 <-- This total is not sent by PayPal IPN CHANGED TO: Products x 2: £7.60 Points Redeemed: -£5.00 Sub-Total: £2.60 <- So the sub total price is inclusive of the points redeemed total Flat Rate (Best Way): £1.00 Total: £3.60 <- Paypal will calculate this same amount with shipping cost and form this total I know that probably didnt make any sense, but if anyone who is more competent in this sort of work can provide the code to subtract the redeemed points from the subtotal this could possibly resolve many of the issues surrounding the problems faced with using PayPal IPN. However, I must agree with previous posts. This is really an amazing contribution and once this has been rectified will provide an amazing facility for my customers. Regards Dickie