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  1. kilra

    [Contribution] - USPS Methods

    I also noticed that when I have Display Weight enabled it shows an excessive description: U.S Postal Service (1 x 1.4lbs) (1lbs, 6.4oz) (Express Mail): $27.65 As you can imagine, this enabled along with Display transit time shows a very ugly and long string: U.S Postal Service (1 x 1.4lbs) (1lbs, 6.4oz) (Express Mail (Estimated 1 - 2 Days) ): $27.65 Thanks again for any advice on cleaning this up alittle bit
  2. kilra

    [Contribution] - USPS Methods

    Hello I just installed USPS VERSION: 4.3.0 ALPHA Can anyone tell me how I can remove all these brackets so that my "Display transit time" looks more professonal on my checkout_confirmation page? Currently it displays like this: U.S Postal Service (Express Mail (Estimated 1 - 2 Days) ) :$27.65 How can I edit the code so it shows something like: U.S Postal Service Express Mail (Estimated 1 - 2 Days) :$27.65 Thanks for any advice