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  1. manosc

    Rewrite URL

    Thanks! I already updated the Modules! Now all links work fine! But after I change that, there is another problem. When I want to change currency from USD to EURO or others! It stil showing in USD What should I do? It happened after I updated the SEO URL modules Thanks
  2. manosc

    Rewrite URL

    Hi Steve, After login to admin, configuration-> seo urls There are just 4 options let me to choose only: - Enable SEO URLs -- True - Choose of URLs Type -- Rewrite - Cache Directory - Compress SEO Cache File There is no Reset SEO URLs Cache for me to choose Thanks
  3. manosc

    Rewrite URL

    Hi Steve, Thank you for your reply. Could you please tell me the steps how to do the reseting? I didn't do this before Thanks man
  4. manosc

    Rewrite URL

    Hi, I have a strange problem. Actually I installed the Rewrite URL module for quite long time. It works acually. It can show like: www.myshop.com/backup-battery-h1900rx3000-h4100h4350-series-p-252.html But 2-3 months ago When I upload new product: I discovered that after I uploaded the new product, the link just like www.myshop.com/product_info.php?products_id=1807 It is not .html???! But others link can still show .html Why????? Please help Thanks
  5. Posted Today, 01:49 PM Hi, I have the language problem on French and Turkish. They are the same problem. When I login to French lanugage. 1. Adding first item into my shopping cart is no problem 2. Then when I click to other catalogs to view other items. It automatically logout and change back to english. Other lanugage ( spanish, english, Italian, german ) do not have problem. Which .php is getting wrong? Please help. Thanks