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  1. jackstringer

    How do I set the currency?

    Thanks for the responses. I managed to do it in the end. I had to read the FAQ on installations. Set default currency from USD to GBP in 'includes/languages/english.php'. Then set TRUE on Admin > Config > My Store > Switch To Default Language Currency Updated default currency and all is well with prices and WorldPay.
  2. jackstringer

    How do I set the currency?

    Looking at currency I see that pounds is set to GDP not GBP. But if I change it all the prices on the site change to zero. So how do I update this. BTW the site is set up with 1 currency.
  3. jackstringer

    How do I set the currency?

    Once the details are passed over to world pay I then end up with a error,
  4. jackstringer

    How do I set the currency?

    A local firm to me has a 2.2 insall but has just had to change card payment systems to WorldPay. Problem is that I need to set the currency to GPD for it to work with WorldPay. The shop owner has said he has spoken several times with WP and they say we have to set it in the config for the module. Any help would be appreciated.
  5. jackstringer

    Header Tags SEO

    Sorted, it was because I had turned off root. Turning on root and putting some info in there sorted it. Thanks Jack. Jack Stringer
  6. jackstringer

    Header Tags SEO

    I am getting an odd error. Implode errors/ http://www.midwestracing.co.uk/shop/conditions.php'>http://www.midwestracing.co.uk/shop/conditions.php shows implode errors. but http://www.midwestracing.co.uk/shop/ does not. I am using Header Tags SEO with 2.2a and I have the STS templates. Apologise for the poorly formatted page but I seem to be struggling to get OsC to accept my <div> style layout. But with the aid to STS I seem to be getting there. Jack Stringer (the other Jack)
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