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  1. lukebrewer

    Custom Product Builder

    Does anyone know of a way to hide empty categories? Some of my dependencies are such that if the user selects one option, then there is nothing to select in the second. Is there a way to hide the second one, based on the users selection in the first? Eg. Option 1. Keyboard/Mouse ---> a. Keyboard Only ---> b. Mouse Only ---> c. Both ---> d. Not required Option 2. Keyboard Selection ---> a. Wireless ---> a. BlueTooth ---> a. Corded Obviously Option 2 will be empty if Option 1 is set to either "Mouse Only" or "Not Required" and so I want to hide it in these cases. If it is not possible to hide it, can I make it default to a particular selection (I.e. an item set up as "N/A" at a cost of $0.00)
  2. lukebrewer

    Custom Product Builder

    Doesn't work in sarafi First and foremost, this is an awesome contrib! And without it the project I am currently working on would have been way beyond my programming ability, so thank you for putting in the hard yards!!! Just one small thing. It is installed and runs fine from a windows computer using Internet Explorer. It also works fine from a mac using Firefox. But bugger me if I can get it to work using safari on the mac. The problem is that when I select the first component, the total is $0.00 and no matter how many other components I add, remove, change qtys, refresh the browser and try again, empty the cache, restart the browser, restart the computer.... etc the total is always $0.00. The really really big problem is that if the total is zero (or less than 0.001 to be precise) the code is such that it throws an alert that states "please select some components" and will not allow me to add the item to the basket. I have had a really good poke around under the hood and as far as I can tell, this problem is coming from the Java code in modules/builder_main.php, probably somewhere around the calculate subtotals or calculate sum sections. I am not very proficient in Java so I don't want to poke around too much at the risk of breaking it (I know, I know, it is backed up, so I can't really break it permanently). What I did manage to do was comment out the code that throws the alert. Doing this didn't fix the total calculation problem, but it did let me add the item to the cart and the price in the cart was correct, so it really seems related to how the total is calculated for display only and does not affect how the total is calculated in creating the part when you add it to the cart. So I have been googling like a mofo to try and find why Java would work in Firefox and IE but not safari and so far I have come up with nothing! Java itself is working, it is just this one little part of the code that it is skipping. And for those of you who are thinking, who uses macs anyway... that this is only going to affect a small portion of the internet using public, my target market is young professionals with an interest in style and fashion and these days plenty of them use macs. You know, to match their new iPhone and be cooler than the guy in the next cubical. Besides, I don't want to give any of my potential customers a reason to shop elsewhere, so..... Anyone know what I can do to make it this very awesome contrib work for everyone?