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    One Page Checkout Support

    Actually I was not upgrading to 1.08 but installed it to new eshop. I just tried other versions too when the new version doesn’t work for me.
  2. mmiruss

    One Page Checkout Support

    When I start checkout there are no “required” or “success” icons. Field checking doesn’t work either. Only field that shows icon is country listbox. I managed to bring “success” icons in shipping address to life but that’s all. I’m desperate because I have triple checked all scripts and files, tried older versions too but field checking still doesn’t work. I can even checkout without filling email address. Contribution itself works fine. It’s definitely something with jscript. I’m using version 1.08 and I had to modify checkout.js because I was getting error on line 32, same as one stated before, so I had simply excluded bindAutoFill function.
  3. I was experiencing similar problem and found simple solution. There might be a better way but this helps: Add this line before return of functions get_all_category_parents (line 1049) and get_all_category_names (line 1072): $cName=strtr($cName, $this->attributes['SEO_CHAR_CONVERT_SET']); I’m everything but php guru, anyway this seems to be logic step and finally did the job :) And thnx for this excelent contribution.