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  1. abks

    [Contribution] oscThumb

    First thanks to the great contribution, I have installed and managed to display with some of the thumbnails. I found the reason for the not displayed as the picture file name has special character '&'. Like file "A & B.jpg", it will looking for "B.jpg". It seems this problem can only be solved by rename the picture file.
  2. abks

    Header Tags SEO

    After tweaked for couples hours, now categories and sub-categories have their own title, descriptions and keywords. Do we need META in <body></body>? I found header_tags.php is called in header.php to generate META in <body></body>.
  3. abks

    Header Tags SEO

    Hi Jack, I have installed Header Tags SEO V 3.1.8, it runs without problem, but for categories and sub-categories, the title, descriptions and keywords are still same as index.php. Product pages do not have this problem to display their own title etc. Also I check the source code of the web pages, all the Title and meta come twice, one in Head, and one in body, is that right? Thanks for your great contribution and support. Lily
  4. abks

    Google XML Sitemap SEO

    Thanks for this great Add-On. I just installed Google XML Sitemap SEO v1.4, and when running it, I received warnings. I find the '/' missing between store and xml file names (I installed Oscommerce under store folder, not root folder), /public_html/storesitemapproducts.xml. I updated sitemap.class.php line 263 to $this->savepath = DIR_FS_CATALOG . "/"; It fix my problems and generate the sitemap files.
  5. abks


    I have tried CKeditor 3.0.1 using above code, it works only for mail.php (Firefox and Chrome only, not IE8), and it does not work for category.php to add new product. Can expert figure out why? Thanks.
  6. This might be the cache problem, and now click My Account, it display My Account page properly. Now working on to display My Account on the bar for guest.
  7. I have installed Purchase Without Account, There is only one problem, when registered customers log in and click My Account, it did not display the Account page to edit, but display shopping cart page. What can be the cause of the problem? Also for guest, it does not display My Account on the bar, is it supposed to be like that or not? Thanks, Lily