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  1. mitekcomputers

    Weird Linkpoint Problem

    Bad etiquette to reply to my own question I know but... After checking through the forum I found a thread that mentioned un-commenting 2 curl lines in the main lp file so I am going to try that to see if that is the problem.. it looks similar but not exactly the same but its worth a shot. Thanks. Mitek
  2. mitekcomputers

    Weird Linkpoint Problem

    Shop owner is getting THIS on completed orders and not just a standard email.... I have removed true information and replaced it with XXXs.. what in the world could cause this. It looks like debugging is turned on but its not. Also for some reason beyond me this shop owner refuses to use any email provider other than hushmail (which I contend may be the root of many issues he has with email.... period) The Linkpoint module is working fine other than for these stupid emails as opposed to just a form. OSC is on an Hsphere server, using sendmail and mime (I have NOT tried using SMTP as its a Linux box) Debugging is turned OFF in the Linkpoint API..so thats it. ALL emails coming from the Linkpoint module look just like this.. all of his other mails through AlertPay etc are formatted correctly or so he says. Thanks in advance for any help. Below is what customer receives on any Linkpoint transaction whether accepted or rejected as far as the customers credit card. Cards are going through fine and orders are being accepted... +++++++++++++++++++++ Array ( [host] => secure.linkpt.net [port] => 1129 [keyfile] => /hsphere/local/home/XXXXX/XXXXX/catalog/includ es/modules/payment/linkpoint_api/XXXXX.pem [configfile] => xxxxx [ordertype] => SALE [result] => LIVE [transactionorigin] => ECI [ponumber] => 1002 [taxexempt] => Y [terminaltype] => UNSPECIFIED [ip] => xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx [tax] => 0.00 [chargetotal] => 20.00 [cvmindicator] => provided [userid] => xxx [name] => Customer name [company] => [address1] => xxxxxx [address2] => [city] => xxxxx [state] => OR [country] => US [phone] => xxxxx [addrnum] => xxxxx [zip] => xxxxx [sname] => xxxxxxxxx [saddress1] => xxxxxxxx [saddress2] => [scity] => xxxxx [sstate] => xx [szip] => xxxxx [scountry] => US [items] => Array ( [0] => Array ( [id] => 252 [description] => test [quantity] => 1 [price] => 15.00 ) ) [debugging] => false ) +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Thanks. Mitek
  3. mitekcomputers

    [Contribution] - USPS Methods

    What if you simply want to add the latest USPS methods to a new and clean install of osCommerce Online Merchant v2.2 RC 2a . What part of the instructions should you follow at that point, especially if you were adding the flat rate USPS module as well? I tried a normal install and it looked like it worked, but then when you try to edit the options, there are fields, but no text above them telling you what everything is.. in other words the entire page to edit is blank other than empty fields. If you refresh aain, it simply disappears completely. I know its me, but I don't understand which install instructions I should follow. TIA for any advice. Mike