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  1. aarsenca

    Testing Paypal sandbox IPN on localhost

    Quick update. For some reason, http://localhost:8080/login.php works off and on. Sometimes, the browser just waits forever. Sometimes, I get the login page but with no images and graphics, just plain text. And sometimes, I get it right. http://my_ip_address:8080/login.php always gets me the same message on a blank page.
  2. aarsenca

    Testing Paypal sandbox IPN on localhost

    I'm not quite sure how to test this. Here's what I did. As a first step, I changed the "Listen" line in the Apache server httpd.conf file to: Listen 8080. Then I set my router's firewall to send port 8080 traffic to my test PC. I stopped and restarted all services, including Apache. Now, when I type "http://localhost:8080/login.php" in my browser, it does not show me a page, it tries but nothing happens. If I type "http://my_ip_address:8080/login.php", I get this message: "You don't have permission to access /login.php on this server." The last entry in the access.log file is: my_ip_address - - [02/Nov/2009:17:01:08 -0500] "GET /login.php HTTP/1.1" 403 211 Any advice? Thanks.
  3. I've been trying for a couple of days to figure out how to test IPN on a Windows XP localhost PC. I read several posts on the subject and I just can't find what I'm doing wrong, unless this is just not possible. I am running OSC 2.2RC2 with WAMP on a Windows XP computer which is behind a firewall. I have opened ports 80 and 343 (for SSL?) and directed them to this PC ( I installed the standard OSC distribution with IPN v2.3.4.7. I used OpenSSL to generate my private and public keys. Enable PayPal IPN Module: True Gateway Server: Testing E-Mail Address: xxx@yyy.ca (same as Paypal Sandbox Biz account) Sort order of display: 0 Transaction Currency: Only CAD Payment Zone: --none-- Set Preparing Order Status: Preparing [PayPal IPN] Set PayPal Acknowledged Order Status: default Set PayPal Completed Order Status: default Transaction Type: Aggregate Move tax to total amount: True Page Style: Debug E-Mail Address: aaa@bbb.ca (not same as Paypal Sandbox Biz account) cURL Proxy server (I don't have curl installed, could this be an issue?) Enable Encrypted Web Payments: True Your Private Key: C:/Progra~1/OpenSSL/bin/my-prvkey.pem Your Public Certificate: C:/Progra~1/OpenSSL/bin/my-pubcert.pem PayPals Public Certificate: C:/Progra~1/OpenSSL/bin/paypal_cert_pem.txt Your PayPal Public Certificate ID: A**********U (from Paypal's Website Payment Certificates) Working Directory: c:/wamp/www/ipn_tmp/ OpenSSL Location: C:/Progra~1/OpenSSL/bin/openssl.exe Test workflow: 1. I create an OSC customer account with the same email address as my sandbox "PER" address and login as this customer. 2. I buy an item from the catalog and proceed to checkout with the IPN payment option. 3. I confirm the order: this correctly creates an order with the "Preparing [PayPal IPN]" status and takes me to the Paypal sandbox for payment. 4. In Paypal sandbox, I login with the "PER" address and perform payment. 5. In the sandbox, on the Paypal site, I confirm at this point that an IPN record has been generated: Message ID: 3WH36683JH469135D Date/time created: 10/29/2009 14:46 GMT-04:00 Original/Resent: Original Latest delivery attempt date/time: 10/29/2009 14:49 GMT-04:00 Notification URL: http://localhost/ext/modules/payment/paypal_ipn/ipn.php?language=english HTTP response code Delivery status: Failed No. of retries: 4 Transaction ID: 23C76962VW819932B IPN Type: Transaction made Note that the notification URL uses "localhost" as IP address. The result is the same if I edit the sandbox IPN settings to my IP address: Notification URL: http://999.999.999.999:343/ext/modules/payment/paypal_ipn/ The port number (343 in this case, for SSL) does not change the result. Paypal always uses "localhost" in the notification URL. 6. At this point, I check the order status in OSC and it has not changed. It is still "Preparing [PayPal IPN]". 7. I check my server access.log file and all entries are from This tells me that the Paypal server never accesses my server to deliver the IPN update. Any ideas what I'm doing wrong? Suggestions would be much appreciated. Thanks!
  4. aarsenca

    Sandbox? This invoice has already been paid.

    That worked for me too. What is amazing is how the error message has nothing to do with the solution <_< Thanks!