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  1. well, this contribution is really very nice but this works only if -XBM Support- is enable in server. to check this, you could run this script in the server: <?php echo '<div style="margin: 10px;">'; echo '<p style="color: #444444; font-size: 130%;">GD is '; if (function_exists("gd_info")) { echo '<span style="color: #00AA00; font-weight: bold;">supported</span> by your server!</p>'; $gd = gd_info(); foreach ($gd as $k => $v) { echo '<div style="width: 340px; border-bottom: 1px solid #DDDDDD; padding: 2px;">'; echo '<span style="float: left;width: 300px;">' . $k . '</span> '; if ($v) echo '<span style="color: #00AA00; font-weight: bold;">Yes</span>'; else echo '<span style="color: #EE0000; font-weight: bold;">No</span>'; echo '<div style="clear:both;"><!-- --></div></div>'; } } else { echo '<span style="color: #EE0000; font-weight: bold;">not supported</span> by your server!</p>'; } echo '</div>'; ?> I would like to ask if is possible to run this contribution with an alternative way using images instead fonts.