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  1. still working the cart

  2. medalta

    osC reCaptcha

    Scott, Thanks for your work on this, I have been dealing with some moron since just before Xmas through our contact page. I went with option "A" because of your notation about possible support issues in future recaptcha releases. I would have prefered the nice clean look of Option "B" but also would rather not have to worry if and when something changes. You done did a good thing and I really appreciate it. :D Larry
  3. medalta

    Canadian Shipping module

    I am not sure how it would work from Australia, you need an acount set up with Canada Post in order to return the values to your cart. You should check in to that. Can Post tells me the module with dimensions located in contributions will provide more acurate amounts. If you have a lot of existing products you are in for a little work. :o
  4. medalta

    Who uses Psigate Payment Module?

    Hey Folks, Not to be a jerk, but in reading these posts I get the impression many of you are signing on with PSigate and then seeing if it works. I think that is a BAD idea. Make sure it works and then sign on the dotted line. Once you sign za papers you are on the hook for the term of the contract. I made the same mistake with Internetsecure in July of this year and now will be paying them a fee until next July and not using them. :'( Why? :o Because Internetsecure only functions one way and they do not see the need to fix the problem. As far as I can tell PSigate is as good as Beanstream for Canadian sites. :thumbsup:
  5. medalta

    problem with canada post module

    There are two Can Post Modules one standard and the other with dimensions. If you are just getting started I would suggest you go to the contribution with dimensions. You get more accurate rates from CanPost using it. You will simply need to provide more info for the items being shipped.
  6. medalta

    InternetSecure gateway help

    InternetSecure says they are working on the problem. They will not make any suggestion as to how long it will take to do this. My thought is it would have been nice if they had reported this problem to me before we signed on for a year. If no data is returned to osc then a large precentage of the functionality of osc is useless. If anyone is considering these guys for payment you should really consider other options first.
  7. medalta

    Canada post boxes size not functioning

    Maybe try listing your largest box first and test it. No disrespect to the Can Post people but the tech I spoke to about it wasn't all that clear on the process. Hopefully I will get a chance to install the contibution with dimensions soon and I will get back to you with what I find.
  8. medalta

    Canada post boxes size not functioning

    this may be a silly question and if it is I am sorry but . . . have you added custom box sizes to your profile ith Canada Post? :unsure:
  9. I have the Canada Post shipping module installed. I want to add a handling fee to all purchases. I must be missing something because I can't get it to work with canada post. I am lost :o somebosy please point me in the right direction. I feel like a puppy that made it's way behind the curtain for the first time. :blink:
  10. medalta

    Adding the CP Shipping Module..

    Go to the contributions section http://www.oscommerce.com/community/contributions and select one or both of the following. Canada Post Shipping Module with dimensions 2.2-CVS 1 Nov 2003 CanadaPost Shipping Module 2.2-CVS 1 Jun 2003 I have the second choice installed but when I was checking this for you I noticed the contribution with dimensions. In a conversation with CP yesterday his sugges'tion was to include the dimensions of the items to allow CP to pick the proper sized box. I don't know if this module addresses that but if it does you should be getting more accurate shipping costs displayed. anyway . . . :rolleyes: download the file - read the readme's and follow the directions there are two files named the same that go in to different directories. copy them in and then edit the module in your admin site. You will need to contact CP sellonline and get set up with an account. once that is done they will give you the test server ip address and you can test test testtest test test test. trust me you want to test this till it hurts to make sure that you are charging enough shipping. I have talked to Canada Post three times now and I have been very mpressed with the people in the help desk department.
  11. medalta

    Canada Psot Screwing Up Rates?

    I had someone check out a rate for me because it looked wrong but it worked out correctly when I adjusted th item weight. Otherwise when comparing the cart amount to a telephone quote it has been fairly accurate
  12. medalta

    IntenetSecure cart contents

    I have added the InternetSecure payment module. When I complete the transaction and return to checkout_success.php the contents of the cart are still there. I check my payment admin with and it has processed the transaction. What am I missing here? I had a look around and couldn?t find any information. Their tech sup is not the best I have ever dealt with. :(
  13. medalta

    Canada Post Module Postal Code Illegal

    I just want everyone to know that Bob Hurst is a God ! :D My Canada Post Mod is working ! B) If I was a young single attractive female I would happily bare him a child. ;) Course . . . I am an old, married, grey haired man with two grown daughters and a lovely wife, . . . so . . . thanks a lot Bob will have to suffice :rolleyes: Larry
  14. medalta

    Canada Post Module Postal Code Illegal

    anybody know offhand what the Canada post ip address is
  15. medalta

    Canada post module

    Hey John, Refer to the other post in this area about Canada Post for how I installed it. And If you manage to get the thing to work properly in the checkoput process I would love to know what format you used for the freakin postal code to make it work. This is driving me nuts Larry :blink: