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  1. Could somebody post a description of the expected behavior (or screenshots) for the contribution in all its glory nowadays? I have installed the latest release of the contribution on a heavily modified version of MS2. The only problem I had was the need to change a line of gv_redeem.php from > tep_redirect(FILENAME_DEFAULT); to < tep_redirect(tep_href_link(FILENAME_DEFAULT)); Otherwise I got messages indicating a recursive redirection when I tried to redeem gift certificates. Now, no more problems that I am aware of, but I am concernced that things may be missing. For example, I havent found anywhere to acertain what the "current balance" is in the gift account, and I dont see anything in the "install documentation" or GV FAQ that tells me how to figure it out. There is no info about it printed in either the shopping cart, at checkout, or in my "account information" page. And I cant find that information on the admin pages either. Also, I couldnt get things to work until I enabled downloads and downloads by redirect. At this point I have successfully issued myself gift vouchers and redeemed them so I think most of the functionality is there, but it took more trial and error than I like, and I dont like the fact that I cant monitor the balance of the gift vouchers as a customer or an admin. I dont really know whether it is working right or wrong at this point If somebody clarifies, I would be happy to modify either the FAQ or the install.html file as my contribution to the effort. Thanks Phil