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  1. seriousaboutsound

    Google XML Sitemap SEO

    I changed the googlesitemap folder and all subsequent files/folders to 755 and I am about to submit my sitemaps to Google. Thank you for the help, but before I submit the sitemaps should I be worried the URLs in the sitemaps do not actually end in relevant words (just http...id=19 etc.) Thanks again Nick
  2. seriousaboutsound

    Google XML Sitemap SEO

    Sweet! I beleive thats working, It completed 7 queries but when i visit googlesitemap/index.php I get: Internal Server Error The server encountered an internal error or misconfiguration and was unable to complete your request. Please contact the server administrator, cgiadmin@yourhostingaccount.com and inform them of the time the error occurred, and anything you might have done that may have caused the error. More information about this error may be available in the server error log. Additionally, a 404 Not Found error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request. ~Probably just forgot to give full permissions to all the files, gonna check that now. Thanks Nick
  3. seriousaboutsound

    Google XML Sitemap SEO

    I am having almost the same issue as above, except I am unsure where/how I use phpMyAdmin and I have never used it before. Should I be using the phpMyAdmin on my server's cpanel? or must I build one myself first? (from the phpMyAdmin site) Ive tried to use the one on my cpanel to run googlexml_sitemap_seo.sql but didn't want to break anything. I also get confused between phpMyAdmin and MySQL when I use the server side. Any help is greatly appreciated! Thanks Nick
  4. seriousaboutsound

    USPS, shipping is not charged to orders

    I had to capitalize shippingapi.dll to ShippingAPI.dll in usps.php, and it worked!
  5. seriousaboutsound

    USPS, shipping is not charged to orders

    I got an email from USPS with these links: http://production.shippingapis.com/Shipping.API.dll https://secure.shippingapis.com/ShippingAPI.dll It says to copy and paste them into the store but I cannot find the old links. Any ideas? You can proceed to checkout but no shipping is ever charged with the USPS module. I have contacted USPS to activate the account as well. seriousaboutsound.net/osc Thank you!
  6. I would like to remove the option to "add to cart" if my price is 0(call for price). Any help would be appreciated, i simply dont know where to look or what to change. I am using a template as well. Thanks! seriousaboutsound.net/osc
  7. seriousaboutsound

    Should I be using EasyPopulate?

    I would have products with things like color->titanium/black etc. (no change in price) and products with size->12" (+100.00 dollars). So Ill need to use the price adjustment part of it as well.
  8. seriousaboutsound

    Should I be using EasyPopulate?

    I have a few thousand products to enter into the store and began by searching for the quickest and most effecient way to do so. The only thing I really found was EasyPopulate, and that lead to lots of reasons not to use it. I have a store with a template you can find here: seriousaboutsound.net/osc I found some stuff on easypopulate complicating stores and/or messing with product attributes. Going to make sure it is appropriate for my goal, and that I follow the correct installation if needed. I would like to find out if EP is the only way, how exactly EP screws with product attributes (i need to use these for my products), and whatever else people find that work. Any input is greatly appreciated! Thanks
  9. seriousaboutsound

    Sorting by Manufacturer

    I couldn't find a specific module but I was wondering how I would go about letting the user search the store by Manufacturer->subcategory->subcategory.... Much like found on the right side of hifisoundconnection.com My store is at: seriousaboutsound.net/osc
  10. seriousaboutsound

    Separate Pricing

    I am curious how I would begin forming a place that company members can view a product like any customer would, except on our side there are 3 levels of pricing. MAP, MSRP and cost(what we get it for). I found the Separate Pricing Per Customer addon but wanted to check if that was the best option for my goal. Thank You Store is at: seriousaboutsound.com/osc