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  1. Hello All, Please i really need help with a link to a good points and rewards contribution that is currently being supported for OSCOMMERCE Online Merchant V2.2 RC2. The only one that I have seen is this http://forums.oscommerce.com/index.php?showtopic=152746 I have tried to run the installer through my browser like http://www.sitename.com/shop/catalog/admin/installer.php The admin page will come up and then I log in, and then i get a 404 The page cannot be found error. I need all the help that i can get with this because the person i am trying to help use to have it before her site crashed and this is a new oscommerce install and she thinks her business is over without a points and reward program for her customers please. ecwhite.
  2. Hello, If you are using Oscommerce 2.2 RCA what is the best POINTS AND REWARDS MODULE For Oscommerce 2.2 RCA that you are using? The customers need to be a able to get 2 dollars each time they make a purchase for a certain product line and the money will be subtracted from their total the next purchase they make. Let say the earned $2.00 with the last purchase, if they come back and buy $60.00 on that prodcut line they will only pay $58.00 as they check out with the current purchase. Please give the following, 1.The name of the best POINTS AND REWARDS MODULE For Oscommerce 2.2 RCA 2. Where to download it and find the instruction 3. Any of the problems that you ran into installing it and how i am going to resolve this. 4. Any other thing you thing i need to know please Thanks.
  3. Hello, Which one do I have to install from the OSCOMMERCE Admin module is it Authorize.net Credit Card AIM or Authorize.net Credit Card SIM to accept credit card from the site? I have installed OSCOMMERCE Online Merchant V2.2 RC2. Please let me know if there is anything that I need to watch out for. The store already has an existing merchant account setup. Thanks.