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  1. Hi JanZ,


    Got a quick question for you, when adding Specials you can set each groups individual special price, is their a way to add All Groups to the drop down menu so I can set a special price for every single group (ie either 10% off or a set price) which would add the special to each group automatically instead of me setting 6-7 instances of the special price especially when they will most likely be the same price?

  2. Not Java, but JavaScript. Kind of like when you change the products price in the admin section, the price included tax is also shown/updated. It is done with a piece of JavaScipt that is found right after the SpiffyCalendarBox code:

    function updateGross() {
     var taxRate = getTaxRate();
     var grossValue = document.forms["new_product"].products_price.value;
     if (taxRate > 0) {
    grossValue = grossValue * ((taxRate / 100) + 1);
     document.forms["new_product"].products_price_gross.value = doRound(grossValue, 4);
    function updateNet() {
     var taxRate = getTaxRate();
     var netValue = document.forms["new_product"].products_price_gross.value;
     if (taxRate > 0) {
    netValue = netValue / ((taxRate / 100) + 1);
     document.forms["new_product"].products_price.value = doRound(netValue, 4);

    Something similar for the prices of groups 2, 3, and 4 to me looks like the most simple solution to implement (and you can deviate from the discount rates if you don't use an updateNet function for it....).

    could u maybe help me with this? im not php savvy enough to do it my self;(

  3. SPPC isn't configured to handle that. However, if you change or add a retail price you should be able to use JavaScript to fill in those values for you in the input boxes of your groups. Look e.g. at how texmaxx added JavaScript to the price break modification to do that automatically.

    You can do that with sql (using phpMyAdmin). Let's assume that group 2 gets 10% off:

    insert into products_groups select '2' as customers_group_id, (0.9 * p.products_price) as customers_group_price, p.products_id from products p;

    And if you change you mind and want to use another discount just delete those again from that table with:

    delete from products_groups where customers_group_id = '2';

    and try again.



    thanks alot ill try that out....instead of using Java to update prices would it be possible when inserting the products price to insert price for group 2, 3 and 4 as well? with like a sql statement? or would java be easier

  4. I wanted to know if it would be fine to delete colums inside of excel from a txt download form the Easy populate contrubution.  Would this cause errors?  Another question I have is if I do not have the manufacture listed, and for example place Microsoft as the manufature, will there be an automatic cration of this manufactior once I upload the file?

    yes you should be able to delete columns inside the file, except for model # as it is required for EP to function properly. Also EP will automatically create manufacturers and categories that are in the file.


    Hope that helps

  5. hi ralphday,

    got a quick question for you


    If i have a file that has







    54445 GREEN M 4

    54445 BLUE M 4

    54445 BLUE L 2



    is there a quick way to import it? as I have a huge inventory along with a couple retail stores it would be impossible to keep track of stock so if i could do an update every nite with jus importing one file that would be great..i can get my pos software to export a file in a similar format..now just need to import into osc


    some help would be great



  6. anyone ever create soemthing that would cross-sell items from different categories (instead of manually picking each cross-sell) have all t-shirts crosssell with random pants and shoes, earings with bracelets etc


    when there are over 1000 products its kinda a pain to cross sell each item


    and if not that what about if i cross sell one item (for example: product A) with product C then Product C automatically cross sell's Product A

  7. OK...so now you have the following structure:







    The 3 dummy files have been CHMOD'd to 777 and verified to be 777.


    Can you confirm this?  Go back through and actually confirm one time for me...


    BTW, thank you for working through this.  Once we get this worked out for you I'll incorporate the changes to the code and re-upload another version.





    you can verify it as well if you want :P







    and im happy to help

  8. Great!  That is progress!


    Now, let's work on those paths for the files.  Maybe I didn't make it clear enough in the install file.


    The dummy files should be uploaded to the CATALOG directory wherever that may be...whether it is in the root or in a directory.


    Are the dummy files in the store root?




    dummy files were moved to the store root when u told me too

  9. omg...you are absolutely correct.  I'll upload another version...in the meantime everyone correct that.


    Good catch!



    alright now that thats fixed i get another error :~


    Fatal error: Call to undefined function: tep_session_is_registered() in /homepages/9/*********/htdocs/***/catalog/includes/functions/html_output.php on line 207


    here are my lines 207 - 221

    	if (!tep_session_is_registered('customer_id') && ENABLE_PAGE_CACHE == 'true' && class_exists('page_cache')) {
     $link .= $separator . '<osCsid>';
    	 $seo_link .= $separator . '<osCsid>';
    	 $seo_rewrite_link .= $separator . '<osCsid>';
    } elseif (isset($_sid)) {
     $link .= $separator . $_sid;
       $seo_link .= $separator . $_sid;
       $seo_rewrite_link .= $separator . $_sid;
    if ($seo == 'true') {
     return ($seo_rewrite_type == 'Rewrite' ? $seo_rewrite_link : $seo_link);
    } else {
     return $link;

  10. wendy this might be the error..but chemo should double check..


    This is the code on line 83:

    	function ConnectDB(){
     $this->link_id = mysql_connect($this->$host, $this->user, $this->pass);
    } # end function


    not sure if im right but looks like there is an errror on line 83 and should read

      $this->link_id = mysql_connect($this->host, $this->user, $this->pass);


    instead of

    $this->link_id = mysql_connect($this->$host, $this->user, $this->pass);

    as there is an extra $ in this line

  11. hi i would like to make to Add to wish list ...text instead of an image (on product info page)..how can i accomplish this?


    also would like to know how to send images along with a buynow link in the email...(basically have the send wishlist to friend copy product info page and send as an email)