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  1. batgrrly1

    no color or size display in 2checkout, pls help

    that is happening to us as well and I too am in dismay. I have had to re do the receipts in Quick books to look more professional. Also, it is not telling me how much has been charge for shipping. I have to add it ll up myself, most distressing. I may have to change to Authorize net or something. Are third party carts not going to send details? Then what is the point?
  2. Hello, well my store is mostly up and running fine. We have great success with the google cart and paypal running fine, but some customers wanted something like 2checkout. Problem is, the orders only show up on the 2checout admin area. And there is next to nothing in detail. I really need to see sizes and colors and such for items, imagine that. Is there some build that allows the data to stay on the shopping cart/order records side of OSC. I like to have something I can read with the details. >_<
  3. batgrrly1

    Quickbooks Merchant Service v1.0

    Is the connection ticket still required? Is this the one you can generate via the desktop software model? I have tried in vain for weeks now to get on at the developers network. :blink: also, does the IP it is asking for mean the server my web store is hosted on, or my dedicated ip address? I don't host on a server here.
  4. batgrrly1

    Quickbooks Merchant Service v1.0

    did anyone ever find this out? I can generate my own connection ticket through desktop model, but I ha ve been requesting these tickets through the developers networ for weeks now and not getting one.
  5. batgrrly1

    USPS Mystery Where to Put

    Hello, I have finally been approved for plugging into the USPS servers I think. The email messages have been quite cryptic. I have plugged in the id stuff in the ADMIN section, but I was sent info for: production. server address secure. address both ending in ShippingAPI.dll Now, it has been my experience that .dll is usually a small program that runs. The thing is, I looked through the lengthly USPS PDF docs and could not find a demo or example of where this all plugs in. have these got to go in the coding in the php file? or is this something simpler than that? arggggggh :blink:
  6. batgrrly1

    USPS shipping module testing

    I too am very much in the dark about this. I was sent 2 web addresses to send to, but nothing explaining further. The email was very cryptic.