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  1. It's because the "Required..." phrase is messed up. Here's some code I fixed today to fix this problem. Note, don't use this exact code, just use the general layout):


    CODE<td><table border="0" width="100%" cellspacing="0" cellpadding="2">


            <td class="main"><b><?php echo CATEGORY_ADDRESS; ?></b></td>

            <td class="inputRequirement" align="right"><?php echo FORM_REQUIRED_INFORMATION; ?></td>




    Which file did you modify?

  2. I just installed this contrib and I'm getting the following error when try to edit a product.


    1052 - Column: 'products_attributes_sets_name' in field list is ambiguous


    select pas. products_attributes_sets_id, products_attributes_sets_name, products_attributes_sets_value from products_attributes_sets pas, products_attributes_sets_values pasv where pas.products_attributes_sets_id = pasv.products_attributes_sets_id and pasv. products_attributes_languages = '1' order by products_attributes_sets_name


    [TEP STOP]


    Anybody got any ideas?

  3. How do I disable this contrib? This is how the readme says to do it.






    * To disable this contribution, all you would need to do is set the value of

    FEATURED_PRODUCTS_DISPLAY in /catalog/includes/configure.php to false.

    This module will automatically display the "New Products for <month>"

    infobox if featured products is disabled in the configure.php


    But, I do not see "FEATURED_PRODUCTS_DISPLAY" anywhere in my configure.php.

  4. I've installed the UltraPics - MS2 Image Addon Pack! (1642) and I'm getting the following when I open the image manager.




    I'm also getting the security warning about nonsecure information when I try to access any page that has the wysiwyg editor enabled. I'm using a shared SSL through iPowerWeb.


    The link to the store is http://www.highlandlakestackle.com/catalog


    The link to the SSL is https://host101.ipowerweb.com/~highland/catalog


    What am I missing here?

  5. I'd like to remove the new information box arrows (information_box_arrow.gif). I renamed the gif, but the display still leaves the space where the gif should be. I found the location in the catalog/includes/boxes/information.php file, but I'm a noob at php and I'm not sure how to modify. Can someone supply a solution to remove the gif and the space reserved for the gif?