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    Offical Google Checkout module for osCommerce Support Thread

    A question/puzzle about Sales tax. I've spent the entire day search for an answer and experimenting, but no luck. I'm trying to get Google Checkout to handle the sales tax calculations because I'm using it as the sole method of payment, so the shopping cart posts to GCO before the customer enters shipping address. The goal is to have sales tax for California added to the order total in GCO. I've set up tax rates/classes/zones in the admin of OSC, but that doesn't work. I've removed all tax rates/classes/zones in admin, but that doesn't work either. I look at the response message log, and there's a <tax-table-selector> in the item information that I think is preventing GCO from calculating the tax. I've tried commenting out whatever would generated that tag in the googlecart.php. How can I charge tax only to CA resident using Google Checkout as the sole method of payment? Thank you so much in advance!
  2. I have a problem using Google Checkout as sole method of payment and its calculating sales tax. Absolutely everything else is working except that Google Checkout will not calculate state-based sales tax. Its www.danielsimagination.com/store Here's my set up: OsCommerce 2.2 Google Checkout 1.5 GC is the sole method of payment and I don't collect any personal information in OSC. In GC, I have a tax set up for California. I've tried putting the product in a tax class. Then, I've deleted all the tax classes in admin, so the products don't have any tax information I've tested checking-out in both Sandbox and Production, but it always yields 0.00 for sales tax. While I am at the end of my skill here, I suspect that OSC is not sending a descriptor in the product details to GC that would trigger Google's tax setup. Any help would be much appreciated! Thanks, Daniel