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  1. hi jack, i need a cronjob in this format /mailhive.php?xyz=run to run a cronjob for mailbeez ( ) is there a posibility to do that with cronjob simulator? i get an error "A valid file name is required" if i try to an where can i delete cronjob entries? in the database i know but is there a posibility to do directly from cronjob simulator? :( :( greets andy
  2. hi mailbeez great job ! i´ve installed mailbeez in our testshop. started by hand - it works fine. but if i set a cronjob (for example at get an error. the response is too big to handle. the URL has mor than 1024 Bytes Data. execution canceled. wow can i solve the problem. the cronjob - calls the secure url - like this ... greets from germany andy